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Bitfarms: BTC Mining Surge and Strategic Vision

Martin Walker
Oct 3, 2023 at 06:43 am

The Canadian cryptocurrency giant Bitfarms, a notable player in the Bitcoin (BTC) mining sphere, has been fervently expanding its operations, resulting in a remarkable uptick in the quantity of BTC mined in the preceding month.

During the month of September in the year 2023, Bitfarms demonstrated its prowess by successfully mining a grand total of 411 BTC, showcasing a substantial 7.3% increase compared to the production of the previous month. This promising development was duly announced in the company's comprehensive mining update on the auspicious date of October 2.

Among the 411 BTC extracted, Bitfarms judiciously opted to sell 362 BTC, thereby realizing a commendable revenue amounting to a noteworthy $9.5 million. Intriguingly, the firm has chosen to retain possession of 703 BTC, an asset currently valued at nearly $20 million, at the precise moment of this update.

This commendable surge in mining production can be primarily attributed to Bitfarms' ongoing and relentless efforts to install state-of-the-art mining rigs. Additionally, they have efficiently powered up their Argentina-based facility in Rio Cuarto, elevating its operational capacity to a robust 51 megawatts (MW). As a result of these latest installations, Bitfarms has successfully achieved a significantly improved overall operating capacity of 233 MW, marking an impressive 24% increase throughout the year of 2023.

In a parallel endeavor to enhance their mining capabilities, Bitfarms has achieved a noteworthy 9% augmentation in its hash rate during the month of September, reaching a respectable 6.1 exahashes per second (EH/s). However, it's worth noting that this growth slightly falls short of the company's ambitious third-quarter target of 6.3 EH/s. This situation arose due to certain delays in the electrical infrastructure of Bitfarms' facility located in Québec, specifically at Baie-Comeau.

In a strategic foresight, Bitfarms' CEO, Geoff Morphy, has affirmed the company's belief that substantial avenues for growth will manifest during the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, projected to unfold in the promising month of April in the year 2024. It's an event of immense significance, occurring once every four years, and this time around, it will lead to a significant reduction in the Bitcoin miner block reward, plummeting from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. This alteration is poised to have a substantial impact, significantly amplifying the costs associated with mining.

"To this end, we are concentrating our efforts on optimizing our infrastructure and fortifying our financial position. This strategic approach ensures us the financial flexibility needed to make bold moves when the conditions for growth are at their most opportune," elucidated Morphy.

Despite the laudable surge in mining production witnessed by Bitfarms in the month of September 2023, it's prudent to note that the firm's mining pace, when viewed through the lens of a year-on-year comparison, appears to be marginally lower compared to the figures recorded in the corresponding period of 2022. The amount of BTC mined during the month of September witnessed a somewhat worrisome 14.6% decline compared to the production levels of the same month in the year 2022. To provide a broader context, the cumulative BTC mined by Bitfarms year-to-date stands at an impressive 3,692 BTC. However, when compared to the same time frame in the year 2022, the numbers suggest a modest dip, as the firm generated 3,733 BTC during this identical time span.

Bitfarms’ key performance indicators in 2023 versus 2022. Source: BitfarmsBitfarms’ key performance indicators in 2023 versus 2022. Source: Bitfarms

These latest developments unfold against the backdrop of Bitcoin's mining difficulty, which experienced a notable 2.7% month-over-month surge during the month of September. This development is viewed with a sense of optimism by Bitcoin miners, who are anticipating a bullish trajectory in BTC prices. As per informed projections, it's anticipated that BTC mining difficulty will undergo a marginal reduction of 0.7% during its forthcoming automated readjustment scheduled for the auspicious date of October 2.

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