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StarkWare: Addressing Crypto Access Concerns for Overdue Wallet Updates, Following Feedback on X

Aug 31, 2023 at 10:03 am

In response to a surge of complaints on platform X, StarkWare has initiated a series of actions to overturn a decision they had previously taken, one that had left users unable to reach their cryptocurrency funds.

Highlighting the substantial impact of user input, StarkWare, the influential entity steering the Starknet blockchain, has committed to reinstating access to cryptocurrency assets for a specific group of users. This strategic move has arisen following a flood of complaints that inundated platform X (previously recognized as Twitter). Users amplified their concerns, alleging that their wallet balances were unjustly reset due to a technological upgrade.

A notable aspect of this issue is its disproportionate impact on users who had not updated their Argent or Braavos wallets in a timely manner to align with the upgrade.

During the prior Wednesday, platform X experienced an influx of posts from users who expressed their exasperation at discovering their account balances had been obliterated. This drastic measure emerged as a result of their wallets' incompatibility with the novel 0.12.1 upgrade introduced by Starknet.

In a post that encapsulated this sentiment, user @0xSisyphus conveyed, "StarkWare just zeroed all user balances on old wallets that didn't upgrade to the latest contracts - it's like the money in your bank account vanishing if you fail to obtain the newest software package."

Recognizing the intensifying discontent, StarkWare promptly issued an announcement declaring the rollback of the upgrade, thereby granting users the means to regain access to their funds. Nevertheless, owing to intricate technicalities, the process of funds reappearing in these wallets might extend up to a day.

It's noteworthy that users had previously been forewarned earlier in the same month, being strongly advised to update their wallets. The StarkNet account on platform X posted on August 7th, urging, "If you haven't already upgraded your wallet, now is the opportune moment to guarantee access to your funds." This situation underscores the importance of staying current with the evolving technological landscape within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

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