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Starkware Unveils Open-Source Release of Zero-Knowledge Cryptography

Aug 22, 2023 at 08:56 pm

The Starknet layer 2 blockchain team has unveiled its plan to make their cryptographic software tool, previously known as the STARK Prover and now named Stone, open-source on August 31. Starkware, the driving force behind Ethereum's StarkNet layer 2 blockchain, shared in a press release their decision to take this step, emphasizing their aim to enhance transparency and involve the community more actively.

Starkware has gained recognition for its pioneering use of "zero-knowledge" proofs, a cryptographic technology that various projects are employing to scale Ethereum, boost transaction efficiency, and lower fees. The STARK Prover, often likened to the project's "magic wand," is integral to this technology, playing a crucial role in compressing transactions and generating cryptographic proofs.

The decision to open-source the prover is rooted in the desire to encourage collaboration and review within the community. Starkware underscores that by releasing the code to the public, it will encourage greater scrutiny, optimizations, bug identification, ultimately leading to an overall improvement in the tool's quality.

The initial announcement to open-source the prover was made during a Starkware Session event in Tel Aviv in February. The official release of the code is scheduled to coincide with a session at the upcoming Starknet Summit on August 31.

For Starkware, this decision marks a significant step towards decentralizing their technology, empowering the wider community to actively contribute to and further develop the Prover independently. This move underscores their commitment to transparency and collaborative advancement in the realm of zero-knowledge cryptography.

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