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Quantum Encryption Revolution: Safeguarding Digital Fortresses

Martin Walker
Oct 29, 2023 at 02:10 pm

In the month of September, a team of ethical hackers from a startup in Seattle made a remarkable demonstration of their skills to a senior journalist at WIRED Magazine. They presented undeniable evidence of their ability to unlock the IronKey S200 thumb drive, which held an impressive 7002 Bitcoins.

However, the response from former Ripple CTO, Stefan Thomas, was nothing short of astonishing. He shockingly declined the offer extended by the Seattle-based startup known as Unciphered, which proposed to assist him in gaining access to the contents of the USB drive.

Former Ripple CTO Edging Closer to Retrieving His Stash of 7002 Bitcoins

Surprisingly, Thomas revealed that he had already engaged an alternative team to address the challenge at hand. The former Ripple Labs executive expressed his desire to afford this newly hired team a fair opportunity to recover the 7002 Bitcoins before contemplating the involvement of another company. He even hinted at the possibility of subcontracting the services of the Seattle firm if his primary team failed to come up with a viable solution.

Remarkably, the cybersecurity company that successfully cracked the IronKey S200 has chosen to keep their method confidential. However, they did manage to generate three entirely random passphrase terms for the memory stick, accomplishing this feat without any knowledge of the passphrases themselves.

Their achievement, involving an astonishing 200 trillion attempts using a high-performance computer to discern the three correct passphrase terms, raises important questions about the potential impact of quantum computers on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple, serving as a chilling glimpse into a disruptive future.

The Risks of Self-Managing Bitcoin Banking

Stefan Thomas is uniquely positioned to offer a critical perspective on the "be your own bank" narrative associated with Bitcoin. His qualifications stem not only from his professional experience with Ripple Labs but also from his personal journey of safeguarding 7002 Bitcoins on a thumb drive since 2011. He contends that the reason we rely on banks is to avoid the complexities and responsibilities inherent in self-banking. To illustrate, he remarked, "Do you make your own shoes? The reason we have banks is that we don't want to deal with all those things that banks do."

Ripple stands as a blockchain-powered digital payment platform and currency exchange service widely adopted by financial institutions globally, while Bitcoin, the pioneer of hash-based blockchains for rapid payment settlement, operates on an open, peer-to-peer network.

At the time of reporting, Ripple was trading at $0.55, whereas Bitcoin had a market value of $34,000.

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