Okto's Expanded Horizons: Transak Integration

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Martin Walker
Oct 6, 2023 at 08:26 am

In the dynamic landscape of the Indian cryptocurrency domain, CoinDCX, a notable exchange in this thriving ecosystem, has embarked on a significant journey to bolster the capabilities of its self-custody wallet, Okto. This strategic move involved a thoughtful integration with Transak, a prominent on-ramp platform known for its pivotal role in facilitating crypto transactions.

Okto, a versatile and multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that was unveiled by CoinDCX in August 2022, has now taken a momentous leap by seamlessly integrating with the Transak platform. The announcement of this integration was made official by the firm on the 5th of October, marking a pivotal milestone in the evolution of Okto and its user base.

This integration has not only broadened the global reach of Okto but has also exponentially expanded its previous support base, encompassing a noteworthy 155 jurisdictions from an initial 60 countries. Neeraj Khandelwal, a co-founder of both CoinDCX and Okto, highlighted the significance of this development, underscoring the platform's dedication to providing widespread accessibility.

With the inclusion of Transak in the Okto ecosystem, users can now seamlessly and securely purchase a diverse array of cryptocurrencies, including the flagship Bitcoin (BTC), at the prevailing market rate of $27,641. This streamlined process occurs directly within Okto and offers the added convenience of transacting in multiple fiat currencies, including the ubiquitous U.S. dollar, the euro, the Hong Kong dollar, and more.

Khandelwal emphasized that Transak stands as the pioneering and exclusive on-ramp solution integrated with Okto presently. Prior to this seamless integration, the primary method for depositing cryptocurrency into Okto was through an external wallet like MetaMask, Khandelwal clarified, stating:

The integration of Transak now allows users to seamlessly convert fiat to crypto right within the app. Prior to this integration, users had to transfer funds from another decentralized wallet, such as MetaMask.

While Transak supports an impressive portfolio of around 160 tokens, Okto takes user empowerment to the next level by providing a secure storage solution for over 1,000 tokens across various blockchain networks like Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and more, as detailed in the app's comprehensive description available on the App Store. Remarkably, as per Okto’s spokesperson, the wallet's capacity extends to an impressive 3,000 tokens, underscoring its potential to cater to the diverse needs of users and their expanding digital asset portfolios.

The official announcement regarding Transak's integration was made on October 5, but the journey towards implementing this seamless on-ramp solution began several months earlier. Some users based in India reported encountering minor glitches with Transak as early as August 2023, during Okto's meticulous testing phase for the on-ramp solution. A spokesperson from the firm shared that the integration process commenced in April 2023, with the official rollout to all customers successfully completed in mid-September.

Okto reporting working with Transak in August 2023. Source: XOkto reporting working with Transak in August 2023. Source: X

Transak, renowned for its role as a global Web3 payment and onboarding infrastructure provider, remains steadfast in its commitment to bridging the gap between traditional finance and the thrilling world of digital assets. Its prominence as a widely adopted on-ramp solution within the cryptocurrency sphere is widely acknowledged, with esteemed platforms like MetaMask, Coinbase, and PancakeSwap leveraging its services to enhance user experience and accessibility.

In recent days, Transak has made waves in the crypto realm by announcing its integration with The Open Network’s (TON) wallet, known as Tonkeeper. This strategic collaboration has marked Transak's entry into the TON ecosystem, presenting users of the Tonkeeper wallet with the exciting opportunity to directly purchase Toncoin (TON) using fiat currencies from over 150 countries. This expansion signifies a step forward in the journey towards broader digital asset accessibility and usability, offering a glimpse into the promising future of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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