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Michael Saylor Declares Bitcoin Spot ETF as Wall Street's Most Significant Advancement in Three Decades

Dec 21, 2023 at 03:00 pm

In a recent analysis, Michael Saylor, Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy, has foreseen a notable upswing in Bitcoin prices for the year 2024. This optimistic outlook is attributed to a combination of heightened demand and a concurrent reduction in supply.

Saylor underscored the transformative impact he anticipates from upcoming spot Bitcoin ETFs, going so far as to label them as potentially the most pivotal development on Wall Street in the last thirty years. Drawing parallels to the S&P 500 ETF, Saylor emphasized the user-friendly exposure it provides to a widely-tracked index.

The significance of the spot Bitcoin ETFs, according to Saylor, lies in addressing the historical lack of efficient channels for mainstream investors, both at the individual and institutional levels, to invest in Bitcoin. He believes the introduction of these ETFs will reshape the landscape and create a demand shock for Bitcoin. Additionally, Saylor predicts a subsequent supply shock after the halving event scheduled for April, which will decrease daily Bitcoin production from the current 900 to 450.

Looking forward to the potential for a significant bull run in the coming year, Saylor refrained from speculating on the specific price range. In response to concerns that a spot ETF might divert investor attention from MicroStrategy, often considered a Bitcoin ETF proxy, Saylor clarified that MicroStrategy is an operational company with the ability to leverage cash flow, distinguishing it from traditional ETFs. Furthermore, he emphasized that ownership of MicroStrategy comes without any associated fees, setting it apart from ETFs in this aspect.

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