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Martin Walker
Oct 7, 2023 at 09:42 am

X, the entity formerly recognized as Twitter, has taken a monumental stride toward achieving a multifaceted application that amalgamates a myriad of functionalities. This advancement unfolded as Elon Musk ventured into the realm of video game streaming on the platform, an endeavor indicative of their expansive ambitions.

In a session stretching over 50 minutes on the date of October 6, Musk immersively participated in the immensely popular online action role-playing game, Diablo 4.

As the session commenced, Musk elucidated the overarching objectives: "Our paramount objective here is to ensure that the auditory experience maintains a sense of normalcy, the visual aspect maintains a commendable level of clarity devoid of any distracting flickering, and the interactive comment section functions in a seamlessly fluid manner."

Although this particular feature is at an embryonic stage of development, the streaming quality remained consistently impressive, eliciting a sense of contentment from Musk regarding the commendable efforts invested by the developers thus far.

"I must express my satisfaction with the fact that it is functional," he voiced with an air of enthusiasm.

As the session approached its denouement, Musk graciously entertained inquiries from the audience, providing additional insight into X's grand aspirations.

"We are in the planning stages to integrate streaming capabilities for Xbox and PS5. Our aim is not to outshine every other application in existence, but rather to establish that if an individual desires to engage within the expansive X system or platform, they have the freedom to do so," he conveyed, adding:

While it remains true that highly specialized applications may outperform us in various facets, we aspire to hold the distinction of being the most versatile application. There exists inherent value in being a versatile application, facilitating exploration and interaction with the broadest global audience.

Notably, Musk opted to retain a shroud of mystery concerning the integration of payments or cryptocurrency into the streaming domain, encompassing elements such as subscriptions or contributions.

Elon Musk explaining his Diablo character build. Source: XElon Musk explaining his Diablo character build. Source: X

Evidently, there exists a substantial degree of interest and curiosity surrounding this groundbreaking development.

As of the present moment, the aforementioned stream, colloquially referred to as a "broadcast," has amassed an astonishing viewership of 2.8 million within a mere few hours following its conclusion. Equally astounding is the reach of the tweet highlighting the stream, having garnered a remarkable 9.3 million views and an impressive count of over 5,300 retweets.

Following the strategic rebranding maneuver that transformed Twitter into X back in July, Musk expounded on the rationale behind this transformation. It was, in essence, a strategic move to manifest an all-encompassing "everything app," encompassing a diverse array of social media features and extending support to financial services, including the realm of cryptocurrency.

This strategic focus propelled X to introduce an innovative revenue-sharing model tailored for the discerning X Premium subscribers, among a myriad of other innovative features. These enhancements afford users the capability to seamlessly post videos and assorted content directly on the versatile platform, further enriching the user experience.

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