What Is HFSP in Crypto?

Sep 14, 2023 at 11:01 am

What Does HFSP Mean?

"HFSP" is an abbreviation for “Have Fun Staying Poor”. The term is used particularly among crypto communities, mocking others that do not have investments in cryptocurrencies. 

The term is used to dismiss skeptics who doubt the legitimacy and value of cryptocurrency investments. This is founded on the belief that individuals who are not holding said investments will miss out on significant gains.


The term carries a negative connotation as it has an arrogant undertone and is generally used to dismiss or mock someone. The term “HFSP” is also loosely related to “NGMI”, an abbreviation for “Not gonna make it”.


Here are some ways “HFSP” can be used: 

  • If you sold your bag, you're NGMI. HFSP

  • Did you buy it, Anon? Or HFSP

  • Missed this one. Guess I’m going to HFSP

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