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Unleashing Brilliance: Bybit's Empowering Scholarships Fueling Fintech Futures

Jack Evans
Aug 22, 2023 at 03:57 pm

Bybit's Pioneering Partnership with AUS Ignites a Scholarship Revolution

Bybit, a global powerhouse among crypto exchanges, has ignited a beacon of opportunity by forging an inspiring alliance with the American University of Sharjah (AUS). This groundbreaking partnership is set to shower high-achieving students with scholarships totaling an astounding $272,000 (AED 1 million), nurturing the future torchbearers of the fintech world.

Nurturing Brilliance: The AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship

The roots of this transformative initiative trace back to June, when the partnership between Bybit and AUS was unveiled, unveiling a shared vision of fostering fintech growth. The initial memorandum stood as a testament to their commitment to fueling the aspirations of 20 students, fostering their academic and research pursuits in the realm of fintech development.

As the wheels of time turned, the scholarship initiative flourished beyond expectations. The benevolent initiative touched the lives of 38 deserving recipients, a union of 29 steadfastly enrolled students and 9 fresh faces embarking on their academic journey for the first time.

Dr. Fadi Aloul, the eminent Dean of the College of Engineering at AUS, underscored the initiative's significance, affirming, "AUS stands as a crucible of excellence, nurturing change agents of tomorrow. Our partnership with Bybit and the establishment of the AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship shall empower our fintech and blockchain enthusiasts in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape."

Catalysts of Innovation: AUS-Bybit Inter-College Hackathon

Bybit's fervor for fostering innovation doesn't cease with scholarships. As a mark of their unwavering dedication, an additional AED 100,000 has been bestowed upon the inaugural AUS-Bybit Inter-College Hackathon. This year's theme, "Artificial Intelligence in Crypto," promises to catalyze ingenious ideas that transcend the boundaries of conventional thought.

A Journey of Advancement: The Bybit Scholars Rising

Steering its course toward a brighter future, the AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship is meticulously tailored to inspire the brightest minds to sculpt the destiny of crypto and blockchain. Its bedrock purpose stands as a beacon, channeling financial support into education and research, thereby propelling the realm of decentralized finance into uncharted realms of possibility.

Selection of the AUS-Bybit scholars is a testament to meticulous curation, where academic prowess, grade point average, and financial need converge to mold a cohort of excellence. The corridors of academia resonate with the footsteps of these students, primarily pursuing degrees intertwined with computer engineering and computer science, bearing testimony to their diverse talents and unwavering passion for fintech and blockchain.

Illuminating Pathways: AED 1 Million Endowment Lights the Way

With an opulent endowment of AED 1 million, the AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship radiates hope, alleviating 25% of tuition fees for the impending Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters. A gesture that stretches beyond numbers, it's a lifeline extended to the brilliant minds of tomorrow, steering them closer to their dreams.

Ben Zhou, the visionary co-founder and CEO of Bybit, shared his excitement: "Our scholarship fund is a tribute to bright minds at AUS, nurturing the next generation of fintech and blockchain trailblazers. The passion exhibited by our recipients mirrors my own journey's beginnings. May this fund serve as a catalyst for their explorations, sparking an innovation wave from the UAE that will reverberate across the global digital assets landscape."

Beyond Scholarship: A Legacy of Innovation

Before these scholarship ripples, Bybit's legacy was already being woven. In August, they unfurled a Wealth Management product, a testament to their commitment to risk-mitigated, personalized solutions, offering clients the potential for substantial returns.

In the tapestry of crypto, Bybit not only thrives but uplifts, nurturing academic excellence, sparking innovation, and illuminating the path for those who dare to dream, learn, and transform. With their eyes set on the horizon, Bybit's partnership with AUS is destined to etch its name in the chronicles of fintech evolution.

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