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Streamlined STP: Binance's Fee-Saving Solution

Martin Walker
Oct 12, 2023 at 06:15 am

Binance, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is taking robust measures to optimize its trading infrastructure, aiming to significantly reduce superfluous trading fees that may arise from inadvertent self-trades.

In a strategic move set for October 26, Binance is set to unveil a comprehensive integration of the self-transaction prevention (STP) feature across its vast user base engaged in both spot and margin trading. This exciting development was officially disclosed via the company's informative blog post on a brisk October 11.

Upon the completion of this innovative integration, the "expire maker" STP mode will take center stage as the default mode for all trading pairs and orders on Binance's cutting-edge spot and margin trading platforms.

In a bid to ensure maximum transparency and user empowerment, once the STP function is up and running, users will gain the ability to effortlessly peruse and verify the status of orders that have lapsed due to the STP feature. This informative feature will be readily accessible through the transaction history page on the Binance official website, Binance App, and Binance Desktop App—a commendable effort in enhancing user experience, as underscored in the official announcement.

Originally unveiled in the early months of 2023, Binance's STP functionality was meticulously crafted to thwart the execution of orders that could potentially culminate in self-trading. This forward-thinking feature predominantly caters to application programming interface (API) traders who have intricately configured specialized programs for seamless automated trade executions using the exchange's robust trading engine.

The phenomenon of self-trading, wherein an API user or a cluster of closely related users engage in trading activities with themselves, either by design or circumstance, is a primary concern. The STP feature serves as a reliable shield, preventing accidental self-trades, thereby empowering users to circumvent unnecessary fees associated with such transactions—a clear demonstration of Binance's commitment to user-centric solutions.

Binance further elucidated, "In the absence of STP, unintentional self-trading could inadvertently manifest within a competitive market landscape. Consider a scenario where orders from distinct trading units of the same organization, employing a common unique UID, and leveraging unrelated trading strategies, coincidentally place orders that interconnect with each other."

While the STP diligently addresses unintentional self-trading, it unequivocally prohibits deliberate self-trades within the exchange ecosystem. Binance emphasized, "Deliberate self-trading aimed at fabricating an illusion of trading activity is firmly discouraged and is rightly considered a form of market manipulation."

Notably, Binance has instituted a vigilant market surveillance team that rigorously monitors market activities to detect any intentional self-trading or other forms of market manipulation. The exchange boasts an impressive array of sophisticated tools adept at tracking and investigating instances of intentional self-trading.

As alluded to earlier, Binance had previously taken the proactive step of integrating the STP feature for USD-margined futures on API back in August 2023. Binance clarified, "It's important to highlight that the STP function remains an optional tool, ensuring that its activation is entirely at the discretion of the user, aligned with their unique preferences and strategies."

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