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Steve Cohen's Point72 Ventures Takes the Helm in Raising $15 Million for Swiss Fintech GenTwo

Sep 5, 2023 at 05:11 pm

GenTwo, a fintech firm specializing in securitization, has successfully concluded its Series A funding round by securing an impressive $15 million in investments. This significant financial achievement was officially announced through the company's website. Notably, the driving force behind this substantial financial backing is the renowned hedge fund figure, Steve Cohen, who operates through his venture capital firm, Point72 Ventures.

GenTwo, with its headquarters based in Zurich, has unveiled ambitious plans for the strategic utilization of this newly acquired capital. Their overarching objectives revolve around expanding their global footprint and further enhancing the development of their financial engineering platform.

The linchpin of GenTwo's offerings is the innovative PRO platform, a robust tool designed to empower investors in securitizing a wide array of assets and investment strategies, all packaged as bankable securities. What sets this platform apart is its remarkable adaptability, as it extends its capabilities to include assets that have traditionally been considered non-bankable, such as real estate, fine art, and digital assets. In essence, GenTwo is opening the doors to these investment opportunities, democratizing access for a more diverse group of investors.

An integral component of this investment agreement involves the appointment of Pete Casella, a senior partner and co-head of fintech investments at Point72 Ventures, to GenTwo's board of directors. Point72 Ventures operates as a global venture capital fund, with dual headquarters in New York and Menlo Park, California. Distinguished by its diversified investment portfolio, ranging from modest commitments of $250,000 to substantial sums of $50 million, Point72 Ventures actively engages in investments across the entire spectrum of the startup lifecycle, from the early pre-seed stages to promising pre-IPO opportunities.

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