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Severed Ties: Robinhood and Jump Trading Part Ways in Crypto Ventures, Insider Reveals

Aug 30, 2023 at 01:37 pm

The foray of the retail brokerage firm into the realm of cryptocurrencies a few years back was greatly facilitated by the influential force of Jump Trading, a heavyweight in the world of conventional financial markets.

Reports have surfaced indicating that Robinhood Markets Inc., the retail brokerage firm that ventured into the cryptocurrency landscape with the backing of Chicago-based powerhouse Jump Trading, has terminated its business collaboration with the latter. An individual with knowledge of the matter revealed this development to Bitsday.

Robinhood's cryptocurrency business model, characterized by its fee-free approach, relies on market-making entities to ensure the seamless flow of its substantial volume of trades worth billions of dollars. However, it appears that Jump Trading has been gradually distancing itself from the U.S. market due to heightened regulatory scrutiny.

Based on data gleaned from blockchain records, it appears that the split between Jump and Robinhood occurred in early July. While Robinhood declined to provide any comments on the matter, attempts to reach Jump for a response were unsuccessful.

Information from the insider source corroborates the subtle indications that the dynamics of their relationship had undergone a transformation. Notably, Robinhood's financial reports have omitted any mention of Tai Mo Shan Ltd., the affiliate of Jump responsible for managing Robinhood's order flow, since the fourth quarter of 2022.

As an alternative, the publicly traded brokerage firm has turned its collaboration towards competing market-making enterprises. Notably, B2C2 has assumed the mantle of handling the majority of Robinhood's cryptocurrency transactions, as evident from publicly available filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The exact reasons underpinning the cessation of the partnership between Robinhood and Jump remain obscure. For an extensive period, Jump Trading had established itself as a prominent market maker within traditional financial spheres, exercising considerable influence within venues like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and other platforms under the banner of CME Group. However, the sweeping crackdown on cryptocurrencies by the U.S. government in 2023 has cast a shadow on the visibility of traditional finance players in the crypto realm.

It's worth noting that Jump Trading was the pivotal force that initially fueled Robinhood's aspirations in the cryptocurrency space, providing essential market-making support that bolstered its profitable operations leading into the zenith of the bull market in 2021.

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