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Ether Transaction: Crypto Wallet Connected to Donald Trump Transfers $2.4M to Coinbase
In the last three weeks, an Ethereum wallet linked to Donald Trump moved over $2.4 million worth of ether to Coinbase, possibly liquidating assets, including Trump NFT royalties
Dec 28, 2023 at 09:32 am
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China's Commitment to Unveiling a Defined Roadmap for Web3 and NFT Advancements
China strategically leads technological progress, fostering innovative business models and embracing Web3 integration. Collaborating with science institutions, the government emphasizes Web3 development, showcasing commitment to transformative technologies and digital evolution
Dec 21, 2023 at 04:14 pm
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NFT Market Resilience: Stability Prevails in Major NFT Indices Despite Recent Trader Hack
Stolen NFTs Recovered: Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs returned after a successful bounty payment, showcasing market resilience. Decentralized efforts led by DAOs ensure security and stability
Dec 19, 2023 at 11:20 am
CryptoCaution: ADA NFT Alert
Beware the ADA NFT Trap: Cardano Community warns of a deceptive scheme promising extra rewards, as ADA's surge adds a twist to the crypto landscape.
Martin Walker
Dec 16, 2023 at 05:03 pm
The Trump Gallery: Captured Moments NFT Collection Sparks Frenzy in the Market
Explore Donald Trump's $99 'Mugshot Edition' NFT collection, a tribute to his legal challenges. Buyers of 47 cards secure a unique dinner experience and a piece of Trump's arrest suit
Dec 14, 2023 at 11:51 am
SOL Soars, BONK Booms: A Crypto Chronicle
Solana's meteoric rise and Bonk Inu's explosive surge redefine the crypto landscape with unprecedented gains and market dominance.
Martin Walker
Dec 13, 2023 at 11:25 am

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