Scroll's Mainnet Debut

Martin Walker
Oct 19, 2023 at 01:00 pm

A recent addition to the ever-evolving landscape of zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) innovations is Scroll, and it's making quite the splash with the official launch of its mainnet. The Scroll team took to their digital megaphone on October 17 to herald this momentous occasion, where they enthusiastically declared that existing applications and developer toolkits nestled within the Ethereum ecosystem now have the exciting option to seamlessly migrate to this novel scaling solution.

In a refreshing twist, the Scroll team exuberantly assured us, "Straight out of the box, everything operates seamlessly," underscoring the user-friendly nature of their zkEVM solution. The Scroll vision, in line with Scroll's core objectives, aspires to usher in an era of heightened transaction throughput at more budget-friendly costs for the bustling world of decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. This ingenious approach involves bundling thousands of off-chain transactions into a single harmonious batch, ultimately presenting to the Ethereum mainnet a concise proof containing only the most essential data.

Delving deeper into the Scroll story, it's worth noting that blockchain sleuths have uncovered a delightful secret – Scroll discreetly unfurled its mainnet back on October 8. This revelation, gleaned from Etherscan data, points to the inaugural deployment of a smart contract on the Scroll mainnet, a momentous occasion indeed.

Taking a step back, Scroll generously shared that this mainnet launch was the culmination of a painstaking 15-month journey, which involved comprehensive testing and meticulous security audits conducted across three distinct testnets. Scroll couldn't resist a bit of boasting, sharing, "Our bridge and rollup contracts underwent rigorous audits by the esteemed OpenZeppelin, the diligent Zellic team, and the discerning experts at Trail of Bits. Furthermore, our zkEVM circuits received a thorough evaluation from the reputable teams at Zellic and Kalos."

Intriguingly, across these three testnets, an impressive array of more than 450,000 smart contracts sprang to life, facilitating an impressive tally of over 90 million transactions spread across 9 million blocks. Additionally, Scroll proudly touted that they generated an astonishing 280,000 ZK-proofs during this rigorous testing phase.

Fast-forward to a month ago, and Ye Zhang, one of Scroll's co-founders, revealed a fascinating detail about the Scroll narrative. He explained that Scroll's initial rollout featured centralized features, a pragmatic move that would gradually give way to decentralization over time. Zhang elucidated, "At the outset, we're retaining a centralized sequencer and a central approver button," but he made it clear that the roadmap laid out a clear path to phase out the central approver button in the future.

"We've meticulously crafted a comprehensive roadmap, one that aims to address the vulnerability of a single point of failure and, in a commendable move, encourages the community to participate in enhancing proving hardware," Zhang emphasized. Furthermore, he hinted at Scroll's intention to bring forth several proposals for community deliberation on the exciting prospects and future trajectory of Scroll.

Notably, Scroll emerged in 2021 with a commitment to fostering a more community-driven ethos. In the grand tapestry of zkEVM solutions working diligently to enhance Ethereum's scalability, Scroll shares the stage with other distinguished players such as Polygon, zkSync, StarkWare, and Immutable.

In a broader context, it's worth highlighting the wise words of Jordi Baylina, the technical lead of Polygon Hermez zkEVM. He astutely pointed out that competition within the zkEVM domain is a net positive for the Ethereum ecosystem. Baylina insightfully mused, "The presence of diverse projects contributes substantial expertise and provides an avenue to experiment with different strategies and solutions for addressing challenges." Indeed, diversity in the space fosters innovation and resilience.

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