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Ronaldinho's Cryptic Odyssey: Unveiling the Scam and Beyond

Martin Walker
Aug 27, 2023 at 09:22 am

Brazilian authorities have reportedly initiated an investigation into allegations against one of the most iconic soccer players of all time, none other than Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, more commonly known as the legendary Ronaldinho. The focus of this unfolding inquiry revolves around suspicions suggesting his potential involvement in a rather complex cryptocurrency scam.

It's worth noting that Ronaldinho was indeed summoned to provide his testimony in the court's hallowed halls. However, much to the surprise of many, he chose not to make his anticipated appearance, leaving an air of mystery shrouding his absence without any accompanying explanations.

Anticipated Court Appearance Scheduled for Next Week

Anticipated with bated breath, the forthcoming week holds the promise of Ronaldinho gracing the court proceedings with his presence. Recent reports have managed to cast a shadow of doubt over his illustrious career, as he stands accused of potential ties to a fraudulent scheme that revolves around a shadowy entity dubbed "18kRonaldinho." Allegedly, this scheme had allured unsuspecting investors with the promise of substantial gains, a generous 2% per day, for those willing to invest a modest sum of $30 or more in the world of digital currencies. Interestingly, Ronaldinho's initial association with this enigmatic organization was through his role as an ambassador, a position held during its early days when it primarily dabbled in the sales of watches and jewelry.

Curiously absent from the legal proceedings, Ronaldinho chose not to shed light on his purported involvement with the company. Even had he graced the court with his presence, he could have opted for the cloak of silence before the magistrates, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

 Ronaldinho, as cited in Wikipedia.
Ronaldinho, as cited in Wikipedia.

Áureo Lídio Moreira Ribeiro, a federal deputy hailing from the Rio de Janeiro region, disclosed that Ronaldinho has received an official summons to grace the designated court with his presence by the imminent date of August 30. In a rather direct warning, Ribeiro hinted that should Ronaldinho decide to be a no-show once again, the arm of the law might resort to more forceful measures to ensure his attendance.

Defenders of Ronaldinho's integrity fervently assert that he is, in truth, a victim ensnared by the scam's treacherous web. Their argument posits that unscrupulous wrongdoers cunningly exploited his esteemed name and image to carry out their nefarious activities, preying on the unsuspecting populace.

As the case's layers continue to peel away, the aggrieved investors, those who uncovered the convoluted case, are clamoring for the recovery of a staggering 300 million reais, an approximate equivalent of $61 million. This colossal sum is sought to compensate for the perceived moral and material wounds inflicted by the alleged scam.

Ronaldinho Already Involved in the Crypto Sphere

Amidst this legal maelstrom, it's important to recall that Ronaldinho himself has embarked on a legitimate cryptocurrency journey over a year ago. In a notable partnership with New World Inc., a subsidiary of Graph Blockchain, he embraced the role of their ambassador, a move designed to introduce the captivating world of NFT experiences to his sprawling fan base. Renowned not just for his remarkable skills but also his beaming on-field countenance and sportsmanship, Ronaldinho's popularity extends far and wide, evidenced by his staggering Instagram following, which boasts a staggering tally of nearly 75 million devotees.

Not content with a single foray, Ronaldinho ventured further into the cryptocurrency realm. Collaborating with the decentralized exchange P00LS, he undertook the ambitious endeavor of launching his own digital token, christened none other than RON. This move further solidified his footprint in the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance.

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