Ripple's Pivot: Fortress Acquisition Update

Martin Walker
Sep 29, 2023 at 08:26 am

Ripple, the prominent blockchain firm, has undergone a significant shift in its business strategy by opting out of its initial intention to outrightly acquire Fortress Trust. This unexpected turn of events occurred approximately three weeks after the company expressed its interest in purchasing Fortress Trust.

However, Ripple is not severing ties with Fortress altogether; instead, it is adapting its approach. The company has decided to maintain its ongoing support for Fortress and has reiterated its commitment to being an investor in Fortress Trust's parent company.

Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, took to the platform X to make this announcement and emphasized how this development was a departure from their original plan of acquiring Fortress Trust.

While Garlinghouse did not provide specific reasons for this sudden change in direction, he did affirm that Ripple would retain its investment in Fortress Blockchain Technologies, the overarching entity of Fortress Trust.

In a tweet, Garlinghouse mentioned, "The team at Fortress is exceptionally skilled and has successfully developed products that effectively address the genuine challenges faced by their customers. Though the current outcome differs from our initial vision, we are committed to offering ongoing support and look forward to potential collaborations in the future."

The roots of the relationship between Ripple and Fortress trace back to the year 2022 when Ripple made a strategic investment as a minority stakeholder in Fortress during the seed funding phase.

Interestingly, on September 8, Ripple had unveiled its intention to acquire Fortress Trust, shortly after sealing a deal to acquire Metaco, a leading crypto custody provider, for a substantial amount of $250 million.

The proposed acquisition of Fortress Trust was anticipated to enhance Ripple's regulatory capabilities by adding to its portfolio of licenses, leveraging Fortress Trust's possession of a coveted Nevada Trust license. It's worth noting that on September 7, a day prior to the acquisition announcement, Fortress disclosed a security breach impacting four of its clients due to a breach in security via a third-party vendor.

To mitigate the fallout of this incident and uphold its commitment to the acquisition, Ripple stepped in to provide compensations to the four affected clients. However, the precise financial impact resulting from this breach, as well as the exact compensation disbursed, were not publicly disclosed by either Ripple or Fortress.

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