Revisiting Views: Analysis of Justin Sun's Perspective

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Aug 28, 2023 at 12:57 pm

A cautionary example arises from an opinion article published under a pseudonym, which contained an unwarranted assault on Tron's CEO, Justin Sun.

Editorial Note from the Chief: At Bitsday, retractions are an exceptional occurrence. Ordinarily, when an article contains an error or fails to align with our benchmarks, we promptly rectify the piece, address the issues with the writer or editor, and proceed accordingly.

Nevertheless, upon meticulous examination of our op-ed section, we stumbled upon a piece authored under an anonymous byline that took aim at Tron's founder and CEO, Justin Sun. This article veered significantly from our established standards, necessitating a retraction. We staunchly uphold the principle that an individual's right to privacy must be upheld – a sentiment echoed in our opposition to the exposure of innocuous individuals, commonly referred to as "doxxing." Consequently, while we do permit the utilization of confidential sources and occasionally publish pieces authored by unnamed contributors, there's a crucial stipulation: we cannot extend the shield of anonymity to a writer who launches an unmitigated personal assault against an individual. Every individual, whether they occupy the helm of a prominent blockchain company or dwell in relative anonymity, deserves to be aware of the identity behind character-damaging attacks disseminated through a platform as public as Bitsday. Given that the very essence of the aforementioned article transgresses this standard – leaving us with no avenue for a mere rectification – we have elected to expunge the piece in its entirety.

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