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Protecting Your Crypto: Beware of Phishing Scams Targeting Celsius Users

Jack Evans
Sep 20, 2023 at 06:44 pm

As the final court approval for Celsius's restructuring plan looms on the horizon, bad actors have seized the opportunity to exploit unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts. Reports emerged of Celsius users receiving phishing emails, cleverly disguised as communications from Stretto, the Claims Agent overseeing the Celsius bankruptcy proceeding.

One such phishing email offered creditors a tantalizing 7-day window to claim their locked cryptocurrencies on Celsius. Deceptively sent from the address no-reply@stretto[.]com, the email passed Sender Policy Framework (SPF) checks, adding a layer of authenticity to the scam. To make matters worse, the email contained a link that directed recipients to a fraudulent website, claims-stretto[.]com, registered just days before.

This counterfeit Stretto website employed cunning tactics, enticing users to input their email addresses and connect to WalletConnect, all in the guise of regaining access to their crypto wallets. Little did victims know that this seemingly innocuous action exposed their private data, including crypto addresses, balances, and transaction history. Worse still, the scammers had the audacity to initiate unauthorized transactions from the victims' wallets.

The extent of this phishing scheme remains uncertain, as one recipient disclosed that they didn't even have an account with Celsius. These incidents underscore the importance of vigilance and skepticism in the crypto world, where opportunistic fraudsters lurk around every corner.

As Celsius endeavors to secure the final court approval for its restructuring plan on October 2, 2023, the crypto community must remain cautious. While Celsius plans to return frozen crypto deposits to retail customers as part of its rehabilitation, the threat of phishing scams persists.

Protecting your digital assets requires more than just cold storage and strong passwords. It demands constant vigilance and a keen eye for the red flags of phishing attempts. Remember, in the world of cryptocurrencies, your security is in your hands. Stay informed, stay safe, and safeguard your crypto from the clutches of malicious actors.

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