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Martin Walker
Sep 16, 2023 at 01:29 pm

The PolkaWorld community, widely recognized for its active engagement and contributions to the expansive Polkadot network, recently arrived at a resolution to temporarily suspend its operational activities. This decision followed the disheartening outcome of their funding proposal, which regrettably did not garner approval from the Polkadot treasury. In a public statement released by PolkaWorld, a range of pressing concerns relating to the judicious management of the project's financial resources were expounded upon.

On the organization's designated communication platform, PolkaWorld took the opportunity to shed light on the far-reaching repercussions of the nascent OpenGov governance system, expressing reservations about its impact on esteemed, longstanding contributors within the Polkadot ecosystem. The organization underscored the growing trend of various entities encountering rejection from the treasury, consequently compelling a significant exodus from the Polkadot ecosystem.

It's worth noting that, in the antecedent governance paradigm, a council of discerning experts, elected by holders of Polkadot's DOT tokens, effectively evaluated and scrutinized proposed initiatives. PolkaWorld posited that a prudent integration of this council's expertise into the ongoing OpenGov framework, where governance dynamics are directly swayed by token holders, could potentially yield advantageous outcomes.

Meanwhile, Markian Ivanichok, the visionary founder of Brushfam—a platform dedicated to facilitating seamless integration of businesses into the Polkadot network—publicly shared the decision to transition away from active participation within the Polkadot landscape. Ivanichok candidly voiced mounting frustrations concerning the funding challenges within Polkadot's intricate governance structure, lamenting the increasing arduousness associated with securing essential financial support.

Within the same communicative thread, Ivanichok articulated a palpable disillusionment with an ecosystem that, from their perspective, seemed to lack a fundamental regard for end-users, established business protocols, and effective marketing strategies.

It's essential to highlight that earlier in the year, Polkadot inaugurated the OpenGov system, a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering each and every DOT token holder with a tangible voice in shaping the trajectory of the platform. This innovative framework allows for the direct engagement of token holders in the intricate web of governance, facilitating their active participation in a systematic voting process to determine the fate of proposals designed to augment and refine the overall ecosystem.

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