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Massive Surge: Bitcoin and Ether Options Trade Volume Soars to $20 Billion

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Oct 31, 2023 at 07:15 am

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The world of cryptocurrency options is witnessing a notable uptick in activity. Laevitas, a Switzerland-based company, has provided data indicating that the notional open interest, which represents the total value of active contracts for bitcoin and ether options on the well-regarded Deribit exchange, has surged to an impressive $20.64 billion. This figure closely parallels the previous pinnacle reached on November 9, 2021, a time when bitcoin attained a remarkable high, surpassing $66,000—this was an astounding 90% higher than the current market rate of $34,170. To put it succinctly, the current open interest in terms of contract value far outstrips that of November 2021.

Luuk Strijers, serving as the Chief Commercial Officer at Deribit, lauded this accomplishment as a noteworthy milestone. He underscored that this achievement has been realized with nearly double the number of active contracts, marking not only a significant triumph for Deribit but also providing a clear signal of the broader market's expansion and the growing interest in options among their customer base. It is worth highlighting that Deribit commands an impressive 90% share of the worldwide cryptocurrency options market.

Goldman Sachs has recently stressed the considerable importance of Ethereum's upcoming Dencun upgrade, which is scheduled for implementation in the initial quarter of 2024. This development is positioned to mark a substantial milestone in the blockchain's progression towards establishing itself as a scalable settlement layer. The upgrade is anticipated to assume a pivotal role in augmenting data accessibility for layer-2 rollups through proto-danksharding, leading to a noteworthy reduction in transaction costs for rollups. Ultimately, this enhancement is predicted to deliver significant advantages to end users.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of this upgrade, it is essential to comprehend the differentiation between layer 1 and layer 2 networks. Layer 1 functions as the foundational layer, providing the fundamental infrastructure for a blockchain. In contrast, layer 2 encompasses an assortment of off-chain systems or independent blockchains constructed on top of layer 1 frameworks. Rollups, which constitute a critical component of layer 2 operations, manage transactions on a separate, faster blockchain or layer 2, before transmitting the data back to the parent blockchain at a substantially reduced cost. This advancement signifies a notable stride in Ethereum's pursuit of heightened scalability and cost-efficiency.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the creator of FTX, faced a pivotal moment when he appeared as a witness in his ongoing criminal trial. This trial commenced in an unusual manner, as the judge decided to start proceedings without the presence of jurors, aiming to evaluate the admissibility of Bankman-Fried's statements in advance. Despite the absence of jurors, Bankman-Fried's initial testimony, given under oath, carried significant weight. His decision to testify comes with substantial risks for the FTX founder.

Bankman-Fried has carefully constructed a narrative surrounding the collapse of his multibillion-dollar FTX cryptocurrency exchange, framing it as an unforeseeable event. He interacted with journalists, initiated a Substack newsletter, and utilized Twitter to downplay his perceived responsibility after his company filed for bankruptcy in November 2022. However, by taking the witness stand, he has willingly exposed himself to intense scrutiny and probing inquiries from the prosecuting authorities. This development marks a critical juncture in his legal proceedings.


Source: TradingViewSource: TradingView 

  • A visual representation reveals a striking development in the world of finance. Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has experienced a remarkable 34% surge in value since the beginning of September. In stark contrast, Wall Street's technology-focused index has undergone a significant downturn, plummeting by almost 9% during the same period.
  • The upcoming BTC reward halving, anticipated in the early months of the upcoming year, is poised to maintain a limited correlation between the two assets. This event is projected to have a substantial impact on their interplay. 

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