KXVC: Navigating Tech Horizons

Martin Walker
Sep 15, 2023 at 09:35 am

KBank Sets Sail with a Remarkable $100 Million Fund for Cutting-Edge Technologies, Riding the Wave of Innovation

In a significant and groundbreaking move, KBank is unveiling its ambitious $100 million fund, poised to champion advancements in AI, Web3, and a plethora of other profound tech domains. This fund is strategically poised to support startups that align harmoniously with the financial sector while tending to the diverse and evolving needs of consumers, corporations, and the thriving small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the sprawling APAC region.

As the technological seas continue to churn and evolve, KBank is positioning itself as a captain of innovation, steering through the digital waves, charting a course toward transformative growth and opportunities. The $100 million fund, akin to a sleek, state-of-the-art vessel, is set to navigate the vast ocean of technology, its sails unfurled to catch the winds of progress.

In the sphere of AI, KXVC is on a mission to invest in startups that specialize in crafting precise AI solutions, with a particular emphasis on domains like cybersecurity and the multifaceted world of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) tools. This encompasses deployment platforms, data annotation, and model optimization, among others. As for Web3, the fund is ardently interested in a wide spectrum of solutions, including but not limited to wallets, infrastructure development, modular technologies, privacy enhancements, alternative layer-1 and layer-2 technologies, node validators, and the intriguing consumerization of non-fungible tokens, to name a few.

Even before KXVC's grand unveiling, Kasikorn X, the visionary venture builder spearheading this monumental endeavor, had already been actively fostering collaborative alliances with numerous globally renowned AI, Web3, and deep tech startups and funds. This remarkable list of partners includes esteemed entities such as Hashkey Capital, MagicLink, Transak, 1KX, Symbolic Capital, and L2 Iterative Venture, among others. KXVC has a resolute intention to further intensify and expand these collaborative relationships and investment initiatives, with a bold target of engaging with at least 30 startups and funds, primarily stationed in the United States, Europe, Israel, and the APAC region.

Taking the helm at KXVC is none other than Krating Poonpol, the esteemed chairman of KBTG and the tech-focused president of KBank. Mr. Poonpol boasts an illustrious career as a venture capitalist, with an impressive portfolio comprising over 100 investments, the nurturing of four unicorns, and the successful orchestration of ten exits across five distinguished funds. Working hand in hand with him is Jom Vimolnoht, who steps into the pivotal role of KXVC's managing director. Mr. Vimolnoht brings a wealth of experience, having provided strategic backing to more than 35 startups within the region.

"KXVC is poised to emerge as a pivotal launchpad for visionary global founders seeking to expand their business horizons within the dynamic landscape of APAC. Our collaboration promises to generate robust synergy not only with KBank but also with our esteemed network of partners," remarked Mr. Poonpol, highlighting the transformative potential of this initiative.

As the Asia-Pacific region continues its remarkable transformation into one of the most vibrant digital ecosystems globally, boasting a staggering populace of over 400 million consumers and a burgeoning economy projected to reach a remarkable $1 trillion by the year 2030, KXVC aims to firmly establish itself as the premier gateway for enterprising global founders seeking to tap into the vast corporate, SME, and consumer base flourishing within this dynamic and diverse region.

"In resonance with the disruptive waves of technological innovation that have marked history, it's evident that the demand for genuine market adoption within the domains of AI, Web3, and Deep Tech is substantial. The APAC region, with its kaleidoscope of opportunities, is poised to embrace these transformative technologies with open arms," emphatically noted Mr. Vimolnoht, underlining the promising prospects that lie ahead for this trailblazing venture. The voyage has just begun, and the waters ahead are teeming with promise and potential. Set sail with KXVC, and together we'll navigate the exciting realms of tech innovation!

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