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INX Digital Welcomes Unicoin: Expanding the Horizon of Regulated Tokenized Assets

Jack Evans
Sep 20, 2023 at 08:52 pm

A Strategic Partnership for the Ages

INX Digital, a U.S.-regulated broker-dealer, has officially revealed its upcoming listing of the Unicoin security token on its platform, INX.One. This move marks a pivotal moment in the realm of regulated digital assets, combining the innovative prowess of INX Digital with the diversified backing of Unicoin.

Unicoin: A Revolution in Investment

Itai Avneri, the Deputy CEO and COO of INX, couldn't be more enthusiastic about this partnership. He lauds Unicoin's innovative approach to investment and highlights the global diversity of its investor base. Avneri believes that listing Unicoin will not only expand the offerings on INX's regulated trading platform but also enhance the liquidity and attractiveness of tokenized assets for investors.

Unicoin, the brainchild of the creators of Unicorn Hunters, stands out with its unique profile. It offers investors a security token backed by a robust portfolio of real estate and equity in high-growth companies. Notably, Unicoin operates under Regulations D and S, providing essential filing exemptions under the U.S. Securities Act.

A Strategic Choice with Global Reach

Silvina Moschini, the president and founder of Unicoin, Inc., emphasizes the strategic significance of listing on INX. She recognizes INX's global accessibility, making it available to investors from over 60 nations, as a key factor driving this collaboration.

Unicoin's Value: Real Assets at the Core

The true value of Unicoin lies in its diversified assets, primarily anchored in real estate and equity holdings in companies featured on the renowned "Unicorn Hunters" show. Further solidifying its worth, Unicoin recently acquired a substantial copper mine in Argentina, sealing the deal at a remarkable $210 million.

While the specific listing date for Unicoin on INX remains a closely guarded secret, it's undeniable that this partnership signifies a watershed moment in the world of regulated, tokenized assets. INX Digital's relentless commitment to innovation and Unicoin's solid backing promise an exciting future for crypto investors. As these two titans converge, the future of investment has never looked more promising. Stay tuned for updates, as INX Digital continues to chart new territory in this dynamic financial landscape.

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