H1 Financial Highlights

Martin Walker
Sep 4, 2023 at 06:57 am

The H1 Financial Report

According to London South East's latest update, Argo Blockchain reported a pre-tax loss of $18.6 million for the first half of 2023, a substantial 61% improvement compared to the $47.9 million loss recorded in 2022.

Furthermore, there has been a noteworthy reduction in the company's debt, plummeting from $143 million in H1 2022 to a more manageable $75 million by the end of June this year. 

In addition to these positive changes, Argo has taken decisive steps to curtail operating costs, achieving a remarkable 33% reduction, while non-mining operational expenses also saw a 21% decrease in Q2 when compared to the initial months of 2023. 

However, Argo's revenue stagnated, settling at $24 million by the close of H1, significantly lower than the $34.6 million reported for the same period in 2022.

The company attributes this decline to the diminishing value of Bitcoin in USD terms and the rising global hash rate. BTC's mining complexity reached a historical high of 55.62 trillion hashes, with the potential to surpass 62 trillion hashes in September. 

Matthew Shaw, Chairman of Argo Blockchain, shared his thoughts on these recent financial developments:

"As we look ahead to the remainder of 2023, Argo will maintain its focus on fortifying the balance sheet and fostering business growth, emphasizing sound financial management and operational excellence. I am eagerly anticipating Argo's ongoing mission to support the world's most advanced and sustainable blockchain infrastructure in the next phase of our corporate journey."

Challenges During the Crypto Downturn

The extended crypto bear market, specifically the declining Bitcoin prices, had a substantial impact on the mining company's operations. In June of the previous year, Argo Blockchain had to sell more BTC than it mined to adapt to market conditions and fulfill its loan obligations to Galaxy Digital.

Subsequent months saw the company grappling with financial difficulties, resulting in the sale of some of its mining equipment to stabilize its financial position. Argo also faced setbacks in securing a multi-million-dollar fundraising initiative, which triggered a sharp decline in its stock value.

To avert bankruptcy, Argo Blockchain made the strategic decision to sell its Helios facility to Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital for $65 million, injecting much-needed capital and reducing its outstanding debt.

Additionally, the company faced legal challenges as several investors initiated legal proceedings early in the year, alleging violations of federal securities laws during the 2021 IPO of its American depositary shares (ADS). At that time, Argo issued approximately 7.5 million shares initially valued at $15 each, but their value has since experienced a substantial decline.

Lastly, Argo Blockchain underwent significant leadership changes, with its CFO, Alex Appleton, and CEO, Peter Wall, departing from their roles in February.

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