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Grayscale's ETHPoW Rights Relinquishment: A Strategic Shift

Martin Walker
Sep 20, 2023 at 10:41 am

The widely recognized and prominent cryptocurrency investment firm, Grayscale, has recently and definitively come to a significant resolution to willingly relinquish and cede all entitlements and rights related to the post-Merge proof-of-work (PoW) Ethereum tokens, often referred to as ETHPoW.

This noteworthy decision was formally and publicly communicated on the 18th of September, wherein Grayscale explicitly stated the irreversible and unalterable nature of the abandonment of rights to ETHPoW tokens on behalf of the esteemed record date shareholders affiliated with each respective product.

After conducting a meticulous and thorough review of the situation, Grayscale, through a careful evaluation, determined that the ETHPoW tokens, regrettably, did not exhibit substantial development in terms of meaningful liquidity. This situation was compounded by the lack of support for such tokens from the designated custodian of the associated products. In their official statement, the firm conveyed this assessment in the following terms:

As such, it is not possible to exercise the rights to acquire and sell the ETHPoW tokens, and on behalf of the record date shareholders, Grayscale is abandoning the rights to these assets.

Grayscale's resolute and final decision to relinquish the rights pertaining to ETHPoW tokens comes after an extensive period of over a year post the Ethereum Merge event. The Ethereum Merge event, a pivotal occurrence in the Ethereum ecosystem, marked the complete and fundamental transition of Ethereum from the well-established PoW consensus mechanism to the advanced and greener proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This transformational event, known as the Merge, was effectively implemented on the 15th of September in the year 2022. This transformative event resulted in a forking of the Ethereum blockchain, giving rise to the primary PoS-based Ether (ETH) and the subordinate PoW-based EthereumPoW (ETHW) tokens.

In the aftermath of this monumental transition, Grayscale meticulously deliberated upon the strategic decision of whether the company should proceed to acquire the EthereumPoW tokens while also contemplating the potential sale of ETHW tokens on behalf of the esteemed record date shareholders. It's worth noting that Grayscale dedicated a timeframe of precisely 180 days post the Merge to thoroughly consider this strategic move. Furthermore, the company deemed it prudent to extend this deliberation period by an additional six months, driven by an abundance of caution and the desire to ensure a thorough evaluation of various factors, particularly the uncertainty surrounding the level of support for ETHW tokens within the domain of digital asset custodians and various trading platforms.

In notable contrast to Grayscale's strategic approach, some players within the cryptocurrency investment sphere, such as the ETC Group, ventured into the ambitious initiative of launching specialized exchange-traded products (ETPs) tailored specifically for EthereumPoW. However, ETC Group faced challenges and eventually decided to discontinue their PoW-based ZETW ETP a mere six weeks after its initial launch, citing the lack of appropriate and eligible custody providers as a critical factor contributing to this strategic pivot.

The revelation about Grayscale's strategic decision regarding ETHW, which represents a fundamental shift in their investment approach, emerged a day prior to a noteworthy report published by The Wall Street Journal. The report highlighted Grayscale's recent launch of a novel Ether futures exchange-traded fund, based on information derived from an official filing with the esteemed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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