Genesis, FTX Strike Deal for $175M Bankruptcy Claim

Aug 17, 2023 at 12:41 pm

While significantly lower than the initially asserted amount of $4 billion, this revised claim of $175 million from FTX's Alameda Research towards the bankrupt estate of fellow crypto entity Genesis signifies a pivotal step toward streamlining the process of estate settlement, as evidenced by court documents filed on Wednesday. This negotiated agreement, which also entails the relinquishment of parallel claims by Genesis against FTX, comes as a strategic maneuver to expedite the winding-up of financial affairs and facilitate the restitution of funds to concerned customers. The insolvency of lender Genesis Global Capital earlier this year compelled these concerted efforts, given that both Genesis share affiliation with the Digital Currency Group.

The intention behind this settlement is multifaceted; it aims to not only pave the way for the orderly confirmation of the reorganization plan within Genesis' Chapter 11 proceedings but also circumvent the resource-intensive trajectory of prolonged legal disputes, as elucidated in a court filing presented by Genesis' legal representatives. On a parallel trajectory, FTX's CEO, John J. Ray III, affirmed the equitable nature of this accord, acknowledging its alignment with FTX's best interests, particularly given the inherent legal uncertainties surrounding the claims.

Amid the ongoing crypto winter, a multitude of crypto companies have faced collapse, revealing intricate financial interdependencies that lawyers are diligently attempting to untangle through concurrent bankruptcy proceedings. FTX's initial claims against Genesis originally amounted to an astonishing $3.88 billion, encompassing not only hedge fund arm Alameda Research's loan repayments but also the assets withdrawn by Genesis from the FTX exchange leading up to its insolvency in November.

Conversely, in a reversal of roles, Genesis Global Capital now stands as FTX's most substantial unsecured creditor, as underscored by court filings detailing a debt of $226 million. Although the framework of an agreement was informally announced in July, full particulars were withheld at the time. This comprehensive deal has now been presented to the respective overseeing judges for both companies, with hearings scheduled for September 6 and 13 to secure the necessary approvals.

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