FTX Scam Alert: Protect Your Assets

Martin Walker
Oct 21, 2023 at 10:54 am

FTX has recently found itself at the center of attention due to reports of a withdrawal scam that is causing concern among its users. A user known as X, who was formerly associated with Twitter and currently advocates for FTX creditors, has taken the initiative to issue a cautionary message to FTX account holders. He strongly advises them to exercise caution and refrain from clicking on any suspicious links that may come their way.

In a thought-provoking post by X, it becomes evident that online scammers are continuously evolving their tactics, making it essential for the FTX community to remain vigilant and well-informed.

FTX users have been sharing their experiences of receiving seemingly misleading emails, allegedly sent by entities like FTX Trading, West Realm Shires Services, and FTX EU. These deceptive emails falsely promise FTX creditors an exclusive opportunity for immediate asset withdrawals, a process that supposedly circumvents the usual waiting times and legal proceedings. An illustrative example of one such fraudulent email reads as follows:

We are delighted to extend a special offer to our valued priority clients of FTX Trading Ltd., West Realm Shires Services Inc., and FTX EU Ltd., commencing on October 20, 2023. As a priority client, you are now afforded the option to initiate the asset withdrawal process from the FTX platform and effortlessly transfer your funds directly to your wallet. This not only eliminates any waiting period but also ensures you remain untouched by any potential legal ramifications.

These deceitful emails are strategically targeted at users who are eagerly seeking to withdraw their assets, especially in light of ongoing legal disputes involving Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the exchange.

This fraudulent scheme has come to light shortly after FTX creditors achieved a noteworthy milestone by announcing the resolution of customer property disputes.

Pending approval from a bankruptcy court, the revised plan holds the promise of providing substantial relief to FTX's extensive global customer base. According to the proposal, it is anticipated that customers will be entitled to receive a generous share, amounting to over 90% of the distributable value.

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