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Ethereum's 'Danksharding' Pioneer Advocates for Simplifying 'Data Availability' Terminology

Sep 13, 2023 at 11:49 am

Dankrad Feist, a leading figure within the Ethereum Foundation, has raised concerns about the term "data availability," suggesting that it may be causing confusion for many individuals, even as it gains prominence within the blockchain community. During a panel discussion at the Permissionless crypto conference in Austin, Texas, Feist proposed the adoption of "data publishing" as an alternative descriptor for this concept.

The essence of data availability lies in the idea that blockchains can achieve heightened speeds by separating the storage of data from the tasks of processing and validating transactions. This allows for independent verification or retrieval of data whenever users need it.

This fundamental concept underlies various ambitious blockchain projects like Avail and Celestia. Furthermore, it serves as the focal point in discussions regarding the scaling of Ethereum and its network of sub-platforms to accommodate a significantly larger volume of transactions.

Simultaneously, Ethereum developers are actively engaged in devising their own data storage solution for the blockchain, known as "Danksharding" - a tribute to Feist's namesake. As indicated on Feist's LinkedIn profile, he holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and applied mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Feist articulated, "It appears to me that renaming data availability to data publishing could lead to quicker comprehension." This shift in terminology holds the potential to enhance understanding and foster more engaging discussions around this crucial facet of blockchain technology.

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