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EOS Climate-Positive Initiative: Uplifting Sustainability

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Martin Walker
Sep 29, 2023 at 09:56 am

The Foundation for EOS Network (FEN), a distinguished non-profit entity passionately steering the course of EOS Network's development, has cordially partnered with Upland, an innovative metaverse super application, and Aerial, a cutting-edge sustainability platform. This collaborative effort is aimed at embarking on an ambitious endeavor that seeks to transform EOS into a forward-thinking blockchain network with a notable positive impact on the climate.

As per the detailed information provided, the synergistic collaboration with Upland and Aerial will empower EOS Network to elevate and enhance its already commendable sustainability initiatives, propelling it from the status of being merely one of the world's carbon-neutral blockchains to one that actively and substantially contributes to combatting climate change.

EOS Strives for Climate Positivity

In an exciting turn of events, EOS Network is setting sail on a transformative journey toward climate positivity. Through its strategic and visionary alliances with Upland and Aerial, the Foundation for EOS Network (FEN) aims to pioneer a groundbreaking benchmark, aspiring to motivate and inspire other networks within the digital sphere to adopt proactive strategies that are unequivocally climate-positive. This united effort is expected to galvanize the creation of a sustainable and eco-conscious digital economy, resonating with the pressing need for global environmental stewardship.

The EOS Network stands as a testament to ingenious design, striking an optimal balance between energy efficiency, scalability, and throughput. It has emerged as a beacon of environmental friendliness among the vast landscape of blockchains, boasting a notably low annual carbon footprint of 242 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Remarkably, this footprint, as boldly claimed by FEN, has been meticulously neutralized since the year 2018, exemplifying the network's unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.

Upland, functioning as an open web3 platform that ingeniously integrates the metaverse with the tangible realities of the real world, has been deeply entrenched in the sustainability endeavors of the EOS Network since the inception of their partnership in 2021. Upland's pivotal role as the network's trusted sponsor for carbon offsetting has significantly contributed to the ongoing sustainability narrative. Moreover, Upland has extended its sustainability commitment beyond the realms of blockchain infrastructure, conscientiously offsetting its carbon footprint associated with the cloud services that power its dynamic metaverse.

Danny Brown-Wolf, a notable and esteemed figure serving as the Chief of Staff at Upland, expressed genuine excitement and enthusiasm about the collaborative venture with the EOS Network Foundation. He lauded this monumental initiative, highlighting Upland's enduring and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability that has been ingrained in their ethos since the very inception of their journey. Brown-Wolf conveyed immense pride in the pivotal role that Upland plays in aiding EOS on its transformative path, evolving into a blockchain network that significantly impacts climate change in a positive and meaningful way.

Fostering Planetwide Sustainability

In a parallel effort aimed at fostering a more sustainable planet, Aerial, a distinguished and globally recognized sustainability platform, collaborates with a wide array of verified and acclaimed environmental initiatives. This collaboration endeavors to create a more sustainable planet by actively engaging in efforts to curb carbon emissions attributed to EOS.

Yves La Rose, a visionary leader and the esteemed Founder and CEO of FEN, jubilantly celebrated the remarkable five-year milestone since EOS boldly positioned itself as the world's pioneering carbon-neutral blockchain. La Rose expressed immense enthusiasm and anticipation for propelling their sustainability efforts to greater heights, transitioning from mere carbon neutrality to a robust state of climate positivity. This remarkable achievement transcends their initial sustainability goals, offsetting more than threefold the carbon footprint of the EOS Network, truly showcasing their dedication and resolve. He emphasized that this bold and forward-thinking initiative underscores the unwavering commitment of the EOS network to the paramount cause of environmental sustainability and stewardship.

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