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Cypher's Road to Recovery: Public Token Sale Announced by Hacked Crypto Exchange

Aug 24, 2023 at 01:13 pm

Decentralized exchange Cypher, which operates on the Solana blockchain, is actively gearing up for an upcoming token sale as part of its strategic recovery plan following a significant security breach earlier this month. Through a series of detailed blog posts, the Cypher team has openly revealed their intention to utilize the generated proceeds from the sale to fortify the project's developmental initiatives and replenish the compromised treasury. The breach, which transpired on August 7, resulted in the unfortunate loss of assets exceeding $1 million, causing substantial disruptions to the protocol's operations during a pivotal phase of its growth trajectory.

In a proactive response to the breach's aftermath, Cypher has introduced an inventive and swift solution – a debt token incorporated within an accelerated initial decentralized offering (IDO). This strategic approach enables investors who incurred losses to gradually recover their funds as the protocol evolves, as elaborated in the published blog post.

This novel token issuance methodology not only seeks to rectify the implications of the breach but also functions as a litmus test, gauging Cypher's potential to recapture the impressive momentum it experienced in late July and early August. This time marked Cypher's rise as one of the most rapidly expanding protocols within the Solana ecosystem. Moreover, this IDO will provide valuable insights into the sentiments of the Solana ecosystem and its investor community regarding new token issuance, particularly since substantial IDO events have been relatively scarce in the blockchain domain.

An intriguing facet of the upcoming token sale lies in its strong focus on involving a broader audience as investors. Cypher's communications on the platform X, formerly recognized as Twitter, underscore that more than 45% of the tokens will be available for acquisition by the general public. The remaining distribution will be apportioned to the team, investors, advisors, and growth incentive programs. Furthermore, a segment of the tokens will be earmarked for airdrop distributions.

The management of airdrops, an eagerly anticipated aspect by many of Cypher's newer users based on their engagement, remains somewhat ambiguous in the aftermath of the security breach. Nonetheless, the protocol has outlined plans to distribute 50 million tokens to depositors who experienced losses due to the breach. Compensation for affected depositors will be dispensed at a rate of 31 cents on the dollar, utilizing unaffected funds.

The Cypher team is actively engaged in ongoing efforts to recover the assets compromised during the breach that transpired on August 7. The blog post emphasizes that Cypher has successfully frozen approximately $600,000 worth of cryptocurrencies across centralized exchanges. The successful restoration of these assets is contingent upon close collaboration with these exchanges and the issuance of seizure warrants by law enforcement authorities.

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