Crypto Vigilance: Australia's Exchange Strategies Against Scams

Martin Walker
Aug 31, 2023 at 11:15 am

In recent times, the landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia has been witnessing a notable shift in their approach, notably through increased communication efforts directed towards users. This strategic move is rooted in a proactive stance against the ever-looming threat of scams. Local players within the crypto sphere assert that fostering robust lines of communication holds the potential to disrupt the intricate web of trust scammers establish with their unfortunate victims.

Gathering momentum, key figures in the Australian cryptocurrency realm, including industry giants like Cointree, CoinSpot, and Swyftx, came together on the 31st of August. This congregation took place under the banner of the Intersekt 2023 fintech conference held in the bustling city of Melbourne. The central theme of their discourse revolved around the pervasive issue of cryptocurrency scams and the overarching challenge of fraudulent activities within the crypto landscape.

As these prominent executives convened on the panel, they unveiled a mosaic of intricate measures that their respective platforms have woven to safeguard users from the labyrinthine clutches of fraud. These multifaceted strategies encompass a dual-pronged approach with both automated and manual Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, thoroughbred investigations, knowledge dissemination initiatives, and, notably, the fortification of communication conduits.

Executives from Cointree, CoinSpot, Swyftx, and Chainalysis convened during Intersekt 2023..Executives from Cointree, CoinSpot, Swyftx, and Chainalysis convened during Intersekt 2023.

Speaking in harmony with the sentiment echoed by their counterparts, Jess Renden, the discerning CEO of Cointree, voiced a resonating sentiment. She underscored that placing the entire blame for cryptocurrency scams squarely on the crypto sector's shoulders is an overly simplistic perspective. In a testament to the commitment of Australian crypto entities, Renden highlighted their proactive engagement with regulatory authorities, as well as synergistic collaborations across sectors ranging from telecommunications to social media platforms. Renden's assertion resonated:

"In a landscape where allegations tend to converge on our industry, casting aspersions upon us as the exclusive culprits, today's collective discourse sheds light on the robust measures we meticulously implement to shield our valued clientele."

This recent stride in the Australian crypto saga follows in the wake of a broader dialogue where major banking institutions championed the assertion that a significant 40% of scams are intertwined with the cryptocurrency realm. This proclamation was wielded as a shield to justify the precautionary measures adopted by certain local banks. These measures entailed curbing specific cryptocurrency transactions due to the specter of scams that had surfaced in early June of 2023.

Intriguingly, insights gleaned from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission divulge a concerning trend. In the realm of investments utilizing cryptocurrencies as the preferred payment method, losses to the tune of approximately $150 million marred the landscape in 2022. This figure stands as a staggering escalation, surging by over 160% compared to the antecedent year, 2021.

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