Crypto SEC Settlement: Linus's Regulatory Accord

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Martin Walker
Sep 10, 2023 at 11:37 am

Linus Financial, a well-established crypto platform headquartered in the vibrant city of Nashville, has successfully reached an amicable resolution with the SEC, sidestepping any drawn-out courtroom battles. In times past, this innovative project had been enthusiastically extending lucrative collective cryptocurrency investment opportunities to its discerning users, all in exchange for the traditional fiat currencies we're all so familiar with.

However, faced with a situation reminiscent of a cautionary tale from their peers in the industry, the firm took a proactive approach and voluntarily chose to wind down its operations. This decision was spurred by a strikingly similar situation in which another company found itself in hot water with the formidable securities regulator, all due to an almost identical product offering.

Unregistered Securities Offering

In recent times, the SEC has been making headlines with numerous legal actions, with the most high-profile being the widely publicized case against Ripple. These actions primarily revolved around the sale of tokens that the regulatory agency asserted should be unequivocally classified as securities. However, in this particular instance, the Commission chose to focus its attention on the captivating world of interest-generating accounts themselves as the primary source of contention.

As per an official press release meticulously submitted by the esteemed U.S. regulator, it was alleged that Linus Interest Accounts were "offered and sold as securities and did not, regrettably, meet the stringent requirements for an exemption from SEC registration."

To ascend to the hallowed status of a security, a financial product must successfully navigate the labyrinthine Howey Test, essentially marking it as a bona fide financial investment. This is coupled with the requirement of harboring a reasonable expectation of profit derived from a common enterprise, notably dependent on the diligent efforts of others. Given that Linus' cherished users merely needed to acquire an investment account to partake in the fruits of the firm's expertly managed trading services, the SEC unequivocally ruled that these particular accounts fell squarely within the category of securities.

No Penalties Due to Cooperation

Fortuitously for Linus Financial, the SEC graciously extended an olive branch, electing to suspend any potential punitive measures related to the unfortunate unregistered offering. In return, the crypto platform dutifully and willingly consented to a cease-and-desist order, thus marking the closure of this chapter in their storied journey.

In the words of Stacey Bogert, the Associate Director of the SEC's venerable Enforcement Division, this enlightened approach by the SEC should, ideally, serve as a beacon of inspiration for other stalwarts in the industry to willingly embrace the spirit of cooperation when circumstances demand it.

"While the SEC remains steadfast in its commitment to holding companies accountable for any transgressions against federal securities laws, we also wish to foster a culture of collaboration and prompt rectification when issues arise. Today's harmonious settlement serves as a poignant message to all stakeholders in the market, underscoring the pivotal importance of cooperation and timely remediation."

Linus Financial, whose journey in this realm commenced with the advent of these captivating accounts back in the halcyon days of March 2020, ultimately opted to bid adieu to its operations in late March 2022. This decision came hot on the heels of the SEC's rather dramatic announcement of charges against an enigmatic crypto asset investment product, strikingly similar to the one offered by Linus.

During this transitional period, Linus judiciously refrained from enticing new users with the allure of these investment accounts. Instead, they provided steadfast guidance to their loyal existing clientele, encouraging them to gradually wind down and bring closure to their cherished accounts within a span of no more than a month.

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