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Crypto Revolution: Stand With Crypto Gains Momentum, Raising $2 Million for Advocacy

Jack Evans
Nov 1, 2023 at 12:08 am

In recent weeks, 'Stand With Crypto' has emerged as a dynamic initiative with Coinbase firmly in its corner. Over 100,000 individuals have flocked to its cause, driven by a shared passion for the future of cryptocurrency in the United States. The heart of this movement beats online, on a user-friendly platform that enables supporters to engage with policymakers directly, understanding their stances on crypto issues.

What's even more astonishing is the financial backing this initiative has received. An impressive $2 million in contributions has poured in, with half of that generous sum coming from none other than Coinbase's CEO, Brian Armstrong.

 These funds are not merely being collected; they are being strategically invested to enhance the platform's ability to influence policies. Plans are underway to implement artificial intelligence for better communication with lawmakers, as well as creating informative pages that shed light on politicians' positions regarding cryptocurrency matters. 'Stand With Crypto' is not stopping at the virtual realm; it's also organizing in-person events to strengthen the bonds within the crypto community.

While it may have Coinbase's backing, 'Stand With Crypto' stands as an independent entity since its inception in August. Nick Carr, the Chief Strategist behind this movement, envisions it as the epicenter of crypto advocacy, where the collective voice of the community finds resonance. The platform has already orchestrated over 16,000 calls and emails to members of Congress, illustrating the remarkable power of a united front.

Kara Calvert, spearheading U.S. policy for Coinbase, emphasizes the significance of ordinary people, not just corporate giants, engaging directly with lawmakers on crypto matters. She firmly believes that the voices of voters hold greater sway than those of companies like Coinbase, underscoring the authenticity and democratic nature of 'Stand With Crypto.'

In the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. crypto policy, 'Stand With Crypto' has emerged as a beacon of hope. While the House of Representatives is making strides with various crypto regulation bills, the Senate appears more cautious in its approach. The focus is currently on areas such as stablecoin regulation and measures against money laundering, which are poised for substantial developments.

One crucial note for crypto enthusiasts and observers alike: keep a watchful eye on budget bills, particularly those tied to defense spending. Crypto legislation could make a surprise entry at the last moment, further shaping the future of cryptocurrency in the United States.

The 'Stand With Crypto' initiative, born from Coinbase's support, has transformed into a dynamic force, uniting cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the United States. With their collective voice, substantial financial backing, and innovative platforms, they are reshaping the conversation on crypto policy. As the world of digital currency policy undergoes profound shifts, 'Stand With Crypto' stands at the forefront of change, a testament to the power of grassroots activism in the crypto revolution.

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