Crypto ETF Fever: SEC Anticipation

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Martin Walker
Oct 13, 2023 at 10:47 am

The cryptocurrency landscape is abuzz with anticipation as the community eagerly awaits the US SEC's forthcoming decision regarding spot Bitcoin ETFs proposed by major financial institutions. All eyes are on the horizon, focusing on the impending deadline for the SEC's determination of Grayscale's ETF. There's a glimmer of possibility that this could signify a broader approval for all Spot ETFs if this particular application is left untouched. Notable figures within the industry, including Cathie Wood, are contemplating the SEC's potential to greenlight several spot BTC ETF applications in a collective swoop.

The 13th of Friday appears to hold significant importance

The ominous date of Friday the 13th looms, presenting a moment of intrigue and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. Enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath for the SEC's decision on the multitude of filings for spot Bitcoin ETFs, originating from financial juggernauts such as BlackRock, Fidelity, and Invesco, among others.

Market analysts foresee a potential positive response from the regulator triggering an upward surge for the primary digital asset, injecting a renewed wave of optimism throughout the cryptocurrency sector.

While some remain cautious and temper their expectations, Crypto Rover, a prominent cryptocurrency investor and trader using the Twitter handle "Crypto Rover," is optimistic about a potential approval as early as tomorrow (October 13). They are quick to point out that this specific date marks the deadline for the watchdog to file an appeal regarding the Grayscale Bitcoin Spot ETF decision.

"If the SEC refrains from appealing the court's decision, they'll be left with no grounds to reject other Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Consequently, they'd be compelled to give the green light to all. Therefore, if there's no appeal by the end of Friday, we're essentially looking at the green signal for all Spot ETFs," the trader boldly assumed.

It's a matter of either none or a multitude all at once

In alignment with this perspective, Cathie Wood, the esteemed CEO of ARK Investment Management, also holds the belief that the SEC might give the nod to multiple spot BTC ETF applications in one sweeping gesture:

"I firmly believe that if the SEC decides to approve a Bitcoin ETF, they will opt for more than one at a time."

James Seyffart, an insightful ETF analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, lends his support to this notion, suggesting that the agency's "path of least resistance" would involve granting approval to all or at least a significant portion of the applications that have been submitted up to this point.

A spot BTC ETF mirrors the real-time price movements of the primary digital currency, providing investors with an avenue to gain exposure to Bitcoin without necessitating direct ownership. While this financial product has already seen the light of day in various regions, such as Canada and Europe, it eagerly awaits the regulatory green light for launch in the United States.

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