Crypto Custody Triumph: Komainu's Milestone in the UK

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Martin Walker
Oct 8, 2023 at 11:17 am

Komainu, a leading and highly reputable player in the exciting and rapidly evolving realm of cryptocurrency custody solutions, has emerged through a strategic and visionary partnership involving the eminent and well-established crypto investment firm, CoinShares, the highly prominent and technologically innovative hardware wallet provider, Ledger, and the esteemed and globally recognized Japanese investment bank, Nomura. Recently, they achieved a notable and significant milestone by attaining substantial and noteworthy regulatory approval within the United Kingdom.

In a truly momentous and highly anticipated announcement made on the 6th of October, Komainu, with great elation and pride, revealed their formal and official endorsement by the esteemed and well-respected U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), an acknowledgment and designation that grants them the esteemed and prestigious status of a registered custodian wallet provider, in strict accordance and alignment with the comprehensive and meticulously outlined regulatory framework delineated in the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Transfer of Funds regulations of the year 2017.

This pivotal and groundbreaking registration with the FCA, a regulatory milestone of paramount significance, empowers Komainu to offer a diverse and extensive range of cutting-edge and highly secure crypto custody services within the U.K., encompassing a sophisticated and technologically advanced array of collateral management solutions, all meticulously designed and thoughtfully curated to be accessible through their state-of-the-art and exceptionally user-friendly Komainu Connect platform.

Sebastian Widmann, the astute, forward-thinking, and visionary head of strategy at Komainu, enthusiastically and passionately remarked, "Komainu is uniquely positioned and primed to provide institutional custody services of the highest caliber, exemplifying excellence and setting new industry standards, in addition to introducing Komainu Connect, our cutting-edge and revolutionary collateral management solution in the United Kingdom."

Evidencing their proactive engagement with the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology and innovation, Komainu CEO Nicolas Bertrand underscored, with a sense of immense enthusiasm and optimism, "The U.K. stands as a paramount and globally renowned hub, a veritable crucible fostering and nurturing the seamless convergence of traditional financial paradigms and the exciting and transformative realm of decentralized finance, propelling the industry toward an exhilarating future."

Hot on the heels of this regulatory triumph and endorsement, Komainu, with a sense of accomplishment and immense pride, secured a comprehensive and highly coveted operating license from Dubai’s esteemed and forward-thinking Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority in the promising and auspicious month of August in the year 2023. It is certainly worth noting and emphasizing that the diligent and meticulous adherence to stringent regulations is a cornerstone of Komainu's operational ethos and their unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of compliance and integrity within the dynamic and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Significantly and worth highlighting once more, Komainu has, over the years, established a fruitful and mutually beneficial track record of close collaboration and proactive engagement with U.K. authorities, as exemplified by their highly significant and commendable 2021 accord, an agreement that was purposefully forged to securely safeguard and ensure the integrity of digital assets seized during various investigative processes, showcasing their dedication to upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and trust in the realm of finance and technology.

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