Cryptic CommEx: Unveiling Enigma

Martin Walker
Sep 30, 2023 at 06:00 pm

In the midst of a burgeoning wave of skepticism surrounding CommEx, the clandestine buyer of Binance's Russian arm, the recently emerged entity is steadfastly repudiating any semblance of a connection or ownership nexus with Binance.

On the auspicious date of September 29, CommEx dispatched a carefully worded missive to the wider community, reaffirming with a resolute stance that Binance does not hold sway over its affairs, despite Binance's vocalized intention of exiting the Russian market, sealing the deal with the handover to CommEx.

"While we maintain a veil of secrecy concerning our Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), we wish to underscore unequivocally that Binance does not pull the strings of ownership over us," declared CommEx on its meticulously designed official web portal. A representative from CommEx gracefully sidestepped commenting on the motivations underpinning their reluctance to divulge any particulars about the custodians of the enterprise.

CommEx further extolled, "We constitute a vibrant and highly efficient team at the genesis, encompassing a multitude of fervent individuals hailing from diverse professional backgrounds," taking a moment to acknowledge the esteemed status of some core members as former Binance veterans.

The proclamation by CommEx shed light on the arduous journey of platform development spanning six months, during which the firm made strategic acquisitions of several erstwhile Binance personnel. CommEx added, "This strategic assimilation has not only enriched our knowledge base from Binance's product portfolio and operational modus operandi but has also facilitated the establishment of indirect conduits with them."

The announcement affirmatively confirmed the active involvement of former Binance Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) team members within CommEx, firmly establishing the independence of the exchange from any lingering vestiges of Binance's ownership.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao took to the digital realm, formerly known as Twitter, on September 28, to echo the sentiment that former employees of Binance CIS were either in the process of joining or had potentially already embarked on their new professional endeavors with CommEx. "We perceive this development with optimism," he articulated.

Apart from the strategic onboarding of former Binance personnel, CommEx opted to embrace select elements such as design aesthetics, application programming interfaces (APIs), and terms of use from Binance. "We requested this integration to ensure an unimpeded and seamless user experience," noted CZ.

CZ further underscored that CommEx had deliberately excluded provision of services to users domiciled in the United States and Europe, adding that denizens from these regions would encounter certain regulatory barriers such as intellectual property and Know Your Customer (KYC) impediments when attempting to access CommEx. "This stipulation was a non-negotiable condition we insisted upon in the bilateral agreement," elucidated CZ.

As per intelligence gathered from CommEx representatives in the esteemed firm's official Telegram group, CommEx users were privileged with the freedom to partake in trading activities without the encumbrance of obligatory KYC checks for transactions up to 2 Bitcoin (BTC), an approximate value of $54,000, based on prevailing market rates of $27,025.

The reluctance of CommEx to unveil the identities of its esteemed proprietors, coupled with the fortuitous presence of ex-Binance employees within its ranks and conspicuous similarities in website design and APIs, has set tongues wagging within the crypto community, alluding to a potential clandestine puppeteer in the form of Binance.

Adam Cochran, an astute partner at venture capital entity Cinneamhain Ventures, posited a perspective that CommEx could very well be "yet another ostensible front for Binance."

In contrast, some discerning cryptocurrency aficionados speculate that such a scenario could undercut the overarching rationale behind Binance's strategic retreat from the Russian landscape. "Evidently, discerning U.S. authorities could expediently ascertain if the purported new custodians were mere straw men acting on behalf of Binance. This hypothetical revelation could cast a shadow, painting a far less favorable narrative than if Binance had retained direct ownership of the enterprise," offered insights from David Lesperance, founder of the esteemed Lesperance & Associates consultancy.

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