CoinDeny: Musk's Response

Martin Walker
Sep 3, 2023 at 12:38 pm

Elon Musk's recent denial of the speculated "X coin" has sparked extensive discussions within the cryptocurrency community, generating a whirlwind of conjecture regarding the future trajectory of Dogecoin (DOGE).

This development comes on the heels of Musk's latest announcement on the platform, where he delivered a clear and unambiguous "No" in response to the swirling speculations surrounding the existence of an internal token.

The rumors surrounding the enigmatic "X coin" began circulating during Twitter's rebranding phase to X. This speculation was fueled by code snippets serendipitously unearthed by dedicated enthusiasts, indicating the potential birth of a unique digital currency. However, due to the platform's dynamic evolution and a shift in ownership, these intentions found themselves in a state of suspension.

Musk's statement has not gone unnoticed, capturing the keen interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially those who ardently support DOGE. Ever since Musk assumed control of X, the ongoing speculations about the potential integration of DOGE as a native currency have been swirling around. His recent response has rekindled these discussions and given rise to a fresh wave of speculative discourse.

It's worth highlighting that Musk's reply was narrowly focused on addressing inquiries related to the "X coin," leaving other related subjects untouched. This raises the intriguing question of whether his denial encompasses a broader rejection of token transactions within the X platform or if the consideration of DOGE for that specific role still remains on the table.

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