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Coinbase Explores Potential Acquisition of FTX Europe, Reports Fortune

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Sep 25, 2023 at 09:51 am

Coinbase Inc. (COIN), the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, is exploring avenues for global expansion amid tightening regulations in its home market. A recent report by Fortune revealed that Coinbase has contemplated the acquisition of FTX Europe, although discussions did not progress to an advanced stage.

The potential acquisition aligns with Coinbase's strategic goal of diversifying its derivatives business. FTX Europe, which became available for acquisition following its parent company's bankruptcy announcement last year, drew interest from Coinbase due to its highly profitable derivatives operations and a burgeoning customer base.

Derivatives, financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset like Bitcoin (BTC), offer significant profit potential for both traders and the exchanges facilitating these transactions. FTX Europe stood out among European exchanges as it held a license to offer perpetual futures, an exceptionally popular derivatives product in the region. This licensing advantage has made FTX Europe an attractive prospect for various potential buyers.

In addition to Coinbase, Crypto.com and Trek Labs have also indicated interest in acquiring FTX Europe, underscoring the competitive dynamics surrounding this potential acquisition, as per the Fortune report. The cryptocurrency exchange landscape is evidently witnessing strategic moves aimed at gaining a foothold in the lucrative derivatives market.

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