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CogniLegis: Advancing Responsible AI Governance

Aug 16, 2023 at 12:11 pm

Members of the United States House of Representatives from the Democratic Party have established a working group centered on artificial intelligence (AI) with the objective of introducing fresh legislative measures pertaining to the burgeoning tech sector.

On August 15, the New Democrat Coalition, consisting of 97 members, unveiled their AI working group. The coalition aims to collaborate with President Joe Biden's administration, stakeholders, and lawmakers from both sides of the political spectrum to develop pragmatic and bipartisan policies addressing the emergence of this technology.

The primary focus of this group will encompass a variety of concerns, including how to effectively harness AI for economic expansion while concurrently safeguarding the job security of workers who may be at risk of unemployment due to AI implementation. 

Representative Derek Kilmer will lead the AI working group and emphasized its central aim of countering the proliferation of misinformation, particularly emphasizing the growing prevalence of sophisticated AI-generated deepfakes online.

Kilmer stated, "There is a genuine apprehension surrounding the potential for AI-driven disinformation and the improper use of advanced AI models. Addressing such concerns requires Congress to swiftly and adeptly respond."

In alignment with this initiative, prominent lawmakers, academics, and CEOs of major technology companies have all indicated the necessity of implementing measures to mitigate potential hazards posed by AI.

In May, Vice President Kamala Harris, alongside key advisors to President Biden, convened a meeting with several CEOs of AI companies to deliberate on apprehensions regarding the associated risks of AI.

In June, President Biden held a similar meeting with AI experts in Silicon Valley to delve into the same subject matter.

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