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Celebrating a Decade of Trezor: Innovations Unveiled

Martin Walker
Oct 12, 2023 at 08:24 am

Trezor, a well-established leader in the realm of hardware cryptocurrency wallets, is jubilantly marking a remarkable decade in the industry by unveiling three innovative self-custody products. These encompass an elegantly designed Trezor wallet, an exclusive proprietary solution tailored for backing up private keys, and a dedicated Bitcoin (BTC) wallet.

In a show of celebration, the Czech Republic-based company is proudly presenting Trezor Secure 3, a cutting-edge hardware wallet that graciously accommodates an expansive array of over 7,000 cryptocurrencies. This unveiling carries immense significance, signifying a noteworthy milestone in Trezor's ongoing endeavor to provide accessible hardware wallets suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

The release of the Trezor Secure 3 wallet unfolds almost five years after the introduction of the Trezor Model T in February 2018. Priced reasonably at $79, the Trezor Secure 3 captivates with its availability in four alluring colors: solar gold, stellar silver, galactic rose, and cosmic black.

Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallets. Source: TrezorTrezor Safe 3 hardware wallets. Source: Trezor

In staying true to its core commitment to open-source development, the freshly unveiled wallet device continues to embody open-source principles, integrating them seamlessly with the security component, as thoughtfully detailed in the official announcement. Trezor has thoughtfully aligned with a third-party secure element vendor, thereby empowering the company to transparently address any potential vulnerabilities that may come to light.

Moreover, in tandem with the Trezor Secure 3, Trezor has thoughtfully introduced its very own proprietary physical private key storage solution, aptly named Trezor Keep Metal. As previously emphasized, the safety and security of a seed phrase or private key hold paramount importance, overshadowing the safety of the hardware wallet device itself. This approach ensures that users can confidently regain access to their wallet, even in the unfortunate event of losing or damaging the hardware wallet.

Trezor Keep Metal bears notable resemblance to similar physical backup solutions available in the market. It extends a robust platform for users to securely store their recovery information, guarding it diligently against a spectrum of potential hazards, including fire, water, corrosive substances, and physical impacts. Forged from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and featuring a resilient watertight seal, this backup tool offers a dependable safeguard.

Trezor Keep Metal backup tool. Source: TrezorTrezor Keep Metal backup tool. Source: Trezor

In the insightful words of Trezor CEO Matej Zak, Trezor Keep Metal stands as a vital component of Trezor's unwavering commitment to enhancing usability and thereby propelling the cause of global crypto adoption. Zak passionately expounded on its user-friendly nature, highlighting the simplicity wherein individuals can seamlessly input the letters from their recovery phrase onto the steel, eliminating the need for intricate numbering systems.

Presented at an inviting price point of $99, Trezor Keep Metal empowers users to securely store standard 12-word and 24-word backups. Additionally, for users seeking heightened backup resilience, Trezor thoughtfully offers the Trezor Keep Metal tailored for three 20-word Shamir backups, available at a modest price of $249.

Lastly, in an expression of their jubilation and appreciation for the journey thus far, Trezor has introduced a specialized hardware wallet exclusively designed for Bitcoin. This exclusive edition, limited to a production run of just 2,013 devices, pays homage to Bitcoin's profound potential in empowering individuals from underserved and marginalized communities. Trezor has made a heartfelt commitment to donate $21 from each sale of this limited edition wallet to support the Trezor Academy, an esteemed Bitcoin education initiative.

Having commenced its remarkable journey in 2013, Trezor now stands tall as one of the global giants in the hardware wallet domain, affording users the esteemed privilege to securely store cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin taking center stage. The inaugural offering, the Trezor One, made its auspicious debut in 2014 and remains available for acquisition, providing foundational functionality for the long-term safekeeping of multiple coins.

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