Brief Insights on Bitcoin and Beyond

Martin Walker
Oct 9, 2023 at 06:24 am

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman holds a viewpoint that Bitcoin, signified by the BTC ticker, represents a significant leap forward on the evolutionary ladder of technology. This cryptocurrency stands as a symbol of progress unburdened by the shackles of government control, promoting the noble cause of combating corruption.

With genuine excitement, Altman shared his thoughts on Bitcoin during a stimulating conversation with Joe Rogan on the October 6th episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. "I’m genuinely excited about Bitcoin. The notion of a global currency outside the purview of any governing body makes sense and represents a significant advancement in technology," he affirmed.

In their expansive discussion, Altman delved into his beliefs about the potential for Bitcoin to evolve into a world reserve currency and aired his reservations about the implications of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Altman, a visionary who also founded Worldcoin, passionately elaborated on the transition toward a technologically empowered world. 

He underscored how Bitcoin, by virtue of its digital nature, could play a transformative role in mitigating corruption. He stated, “One thing I’ve noticed, as have many others, is that corruption severely impedes societal progress. However, in a scenario where transactions are no longer reliant on physical cash but conducted digitally, even if it involves Bitcoin, and the flow of funds can be monitored, this could substantially reduce corruption.”

On the same note, Rogan, while acknowledging skepticism in the broader cryptocurrency sector, remained optimistic about Bitcoin's potential to evolve into a universally accepted currency. He expressed, “The truly captivating cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. In my opinion, it holds the greatest likelihood of becoming a widely accepted universal currency. Its inherent limitation on the total supply and the fact that individuals can mine it using their personal computers are fascinating aspects for me.”

Altman has consistently supported Bitcoin over the years. In a blog post from a decade ago, he eloquently argued that a world transacting primarily in Bitcoin would offer unparalleled transparency, ultimately leading to a decrease in corruption. He poignantly stated, “A world where we conduct all transactions in Bitcoin would be vastly more transparent, and financial transparency is a significant advantage. It’s arguably the most effective measure to reduce corruption.”

Meanwhile, both Altman and Rogan voiced strong opposition to the potential proliferation of CBDCs and expressed profound concerns about the United States potentially transforming into a surveillance state.

Rogan and Altman express deep concerns about CBDCs and criticize the U.S. stance on cryptocurrency

Rogan passionately underscored the potential for CBDCs to grant governments unprecedented control over individuals' spending habits, stating, “I’m extremely apprehensive about the advent of central bank digital currency and its potential link to a social credit system. That prospect terrifies me. The trajectory isn't about the collective welfare of society; it’s about exerting control.”

Altman echoed these concerns, expressing disappointment with the recent treatment of the cryptocurrency industry by the U.S. government. He emphasized, “There are numerous recent actions by the U.S. government that I find disheartening, but the stance on cryptocurrency, treating it like something to be tightly regulated and controlled, is particularly distressing for me in the context of the nation.”

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