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Bitpanda Breaks New Ground: First Non-Local Entity to Secure VASP License in Norway

Jack Evans
Oct 19, 2023 at 08:12 pm

A Regulated Broker Across Europe:

A VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) license is a coveted legal authorization granted by local regulatory authorities, enabling entities to offer services related to virtual assets within a defined jurisdiction. As the global regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies remains uncertain, numerous European countries have responded by introducing stringent regulations mandating that VASPs obtain a license. Bitpanda's achievement in Norway is a testament to its dedication to operating within the bounds of these evolving regulations.

The acquisition of this VASP license symbolizes Bitpanda's commitment to enhancing its status as the most rigorously regulated broker in Europe. It's not just about obtaining another license; it's about building trust and delivering security. By expanding into the Norwegian market, Bitpanda is poised to offer safe and secure digital asset trading services to a vast new customer base. This signifies an exciting chapter in the evolution of the crypto industry, as Bitpanda continues to set the benchmark for compliance and safety in the digital asset space.

Bitpanda's growing portfolio of licenses already includes Austria, Germany, France, Czechia, and Sweden. The addition of Norway further solidifies its presence and influence in Europe's digital asset trading ecosystem. With an impressive array of licenses, Bitpanda is now better equipped than ever to serve a diverse European clientele, fostering trust and confidence among its users.

Another First - Pioneering European Crypto Exchange:

Bitpanda's trailblazing spirit extends beyond Norway. In a press release dated November 23 of the previous year, Bitpanda proudly announced its status as the first fully licensed European crypto exchange in Germany. This milestone echoes the significance of their achievement in Norway.

The licensing journey in Germany, much like the one undertaken in Norway, signifies Bitpanda's dedication to creating a fully regulated environment for crypto investments in Europe. Bitpanda's commitment to adhering to regulations and fostering responsible trading not only secures its reputation but also paves the way for the broader acceptance of cryptocurrencies across the European continent.

Bitpanda's latest accomplishment in securing a VASP license in Norway is a testament to its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, security, and building a foundation of trust in the world of digital asset trading. By becoming the first non-local entity to achieve this remarkable milestone, Bitpanda is propelling itself forward as a leading example of how a crypto exchange can operate responsibly and safely in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape. With a growing array of licenses in its portfolio, Bitpanda is well-positioned to serve and inspire confidence in the diverse community of European digital asset traders. This achievement, alongside its groundbreaking licensing in Germany, marks a pioneering journey towards establishing a fully regulated, secure, and trustworthy environment for crypto investments in Europe, heralding a bright future for digital assets on the continent.

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