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BitGo and Swan Bitcoin Forge Bitcoin-Centric Trust Venture

Martin Walker
Sep 16, 2023 at 11:38 am

BitGo and Swan Bitcoin, two prominent players in the cryptocurrency realm, recently made waves with their joint announcement on the 15th of September. They unveiled their ambitious vision for a specialized trust company, an entity exclusively dedicated to the fascinating world of Bitcoin within the boundaries of the United States. As this exciting endeavor takes shape, it eagerly awaits the green light from regulatory authorities, a crucial step as outlined in the carefully worded joint statement issued by these forward-thinking companies.

In conceptualizing this forthcoming establishment, the masterminds behind it envision a dynamic entity that embodies and carries out the roles and responsibilities typically associated with a trust company. These encompass critical aspects such as the safekeeping of Bitcoin, its meticulous administration, and effective management, all seamlessly tailored to serve the best interests of its stakeholders. Cory Klippsten, the visionary CEO at Swan, has been vocal about their primary mission, which is to create a secure haven for Bitcoin custody. This move strategically mitigates the added risk that could potentially arise from accommodating a mix of cryptocurrencies within the same infrastructure.

Klippsten passionately elaborated, stating, "We've engaged in insightful conversations with significant clients and partners within the Bitcoin sphere, and they have voiced a resounding preference for a comprehensive software and service suite that revolves around Bitcoin itself. The focus is keenly set on optimizing custody while ingeniously leveraging the distinctive and unparalleled qualities that Bitcoin uniquely possesses."

As the narrative unfolds, the companies are actively engaged in ongoing dialogues with state regulatory bodies, earnestly discussing their intentions and well-laid plans. While the wheels are in motion, the formal application process for regulatory approval is yet to be set into motion. Klippsten, with a strategic outlook, added, "In this initial phase, we are meticulously evaluating potential acquisition opportunities that seamlessly align with our grand vision."

Shifting the spotlight to BitGo, the stage is set for this trusted provider of security and custody services, boasting an extensive range that encompasses a staggering 700-plus cryptocurrencies, as showcased on its website. A contrasting approach is taken by Swan, steering its business model exclusively toward Bitcoin. This strategic decision allows users to dive into the captivating world of Bitcoin through both one-time and recurring purchases. The meticulous custodial responsibilities are artfully managed by Fortress Trust and Bakkt, while BitGo, with its expertise, gracefully steps into the custodian role for the cold storage facilities.

Envisioned as a strategic move, this promising venture is carefully aimed at the influential realm of institutional investors. This distinguished target audience includes asset managers, pension plans, family offices, esteemed governmental entities, and the prudent corporate treasuries. The suite of services to be offered within this dynamic venture will encompass a broad spectrum of Bitcoin-related solutions. These range from robust cold storage facilities to proactive fraud prevention measures, stringent Anti-Money Laundering compliance, and cutting-edge Know Your Customer protocols.

In the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, institutional investors are emerging as a rapidly growing and influential market segment within the United States. This growth is especially notable as major asset managers actively pursue regulatory approval for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). It's worth noting that several established players from Wall Street, including distinguished names such as Bank of New York Mellon and Deutsche Bank, are already extending cryptocurrency custody solutions, a clear testament to the growing recognition and acceptance of cryptocurrencies within institutional circles.

Drawing insights from Swan's insightful CEO, "We hold a strong belief that the coming year, 2024, holds a high probability of witnessing the approval of multiple ETFs. This impending approval is expected to spark a significant surge of interest from new entrants into the Bitcoin market. These entrants, driven by the allure of Bitcoin's potential, will be seeking mature, reputable, and technologically proficient partners to guide them across a diverse spectrum of needs." The Securities and Exchange Commission, committed to a diligent evaluation of the spot Bitcoin product, has opted for a cautious approach, leading to potential decision delays. Within this dynamic environment, industry analysts foresee a likely postponement of the decision until early 2024, as the critical decision deadlines draw near.

In a closing note, Belshe, the insightful CEO of BitGo, underscored, "Our dedicated teams have devoted nearly a year in close-knit collaboration, meticulously refining custody models to meet the stringent qualifications demanded by such a critical endeavor. In the early months of 2023, a strategic opportunity presented itself, and we were quick to seize it, pioneering a dedicated Bitcoin custodian. This strategic initiative, strategically amalgamating the unique capabilities inherent in each company, positions us strategically to robustly support the trailblazers spearheading Bitcoin adoption into the future." These visionary words echo the forward-thinking and strategic spirit that underpins this exciting venture, highlighting the potential it holds in shaping the future of Bitcoin adoption.

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