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Bitcoin's Market Dominance Hits 50% and May Continue to Surge, Analysts Suggest

Sep 19, 2023 at 11:45 am

Bitcoin (BTC) has maintained a relatively stable position over the course of the past month, with its current valuation resting at $26,700, a figure nearly identical to that of 30 days ago. However, amidst this stability, Bitcoin's dominance in the market has been on a gradual ascent, which hints at potential challenges for other digital currencies.

As of the most recent Monday, Bitcoin's market dominance rate, a metric assessing BTC's portion of the entire digital asset market, surged to 50.2%. This marks its highest point within the last month and stands in close proximity to the peak of 52% recorded at the conclusion of June – a level not seen in over two years.

Taking a broader view, Bitcoin's market dominance oscillated within the range of 39% to 49% for a period spanning more than two years. It broke free from this range and reached 52% in June following the submission of a proposal for a spot BTC exchange-traded fund by BlackRock, a prominent asset management company. This development sparked hopes of substantial capital inflows into the realm of Bitcoin.

Markus Thielen, who serves as the Head of Research at Matrixport, underscored that BTC is reaping the benefits of heightened "potential buying pressure" owing to the ETF listings. Conversely, alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, are facing the prospect of a descending trajectory. Thielen cited concerns like the token sales conducted by the now-insolvent FTX exchange, diminishing revenues from the Ethereum protocol, and the impending token unlocks enabling venture capital investors to divest their tokens.

Noelle Acheson, a macro analyst, ventured that the recent regulatory propositions from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYFDS) could potentially be advantageous for Bitcoin. These proposed regulations encompass more stringent criteria for the listing of cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Simultaneously, Bitcoin has received an endorsement as a digital asset that license holders can list or maintain custody of without encountering additional regulatory hurdles.

Acheson remarked, "The immediate impact on crypto markets could involve a further shift towards BTC, as it solidifies its standing as the 'secure' crypto asset."

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