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Bitcoin's Bumpy Ride: Will the Federal Reserve Propel it to $20,000?

Jack Evans
Oct 12, 2023 at 07:23 pm

CryptoBanter, a respected analyst in the cryptocurrency sphere, recently delved into Bitcoin's future, suggesting that the Federal Reserve might have a substantial impact on the coin's journey. With Bitcoin's recent struggles, he presented a stark possibility: the digital asset could plunge to $20,000.

In his analysis, CryptoBanter carefully examined the prevailing price trends and the macroeconomic factors casting shadows over Bitcoin's path. He expressed concerns that the leading cryptocurrency is perilously perched, having breached several crucial support levels.

"If Bitcoin starts to break and close below that $25,000 level, I'll tell you almost the same thing over here, and give you a different visual perspective," CryptoBanter emphasized. "We're looking for this to flip into a new range, meaning strong support should be between $25,000 and upside resistance around that $34,000 mark."

Furthermore, the ever-present specter of inflation looms large in CryptoBanter's assessment. He believes the Federal Reserve's continuous interest rate hikes could ignite a recession, thereby driving risk assets like Bitcoin significantly lower.

"If the consumer price index (CPI) comes in at 3.7%, it will now be the third consecutive monthly increase in that inflation," he warned. "We know that generally when there are these geopolitical tensions which we have currently in the world right now, then usually oil prices rise and consequently inflation starts to become sticky."

The outlook isn't without its on-chain data grimness, either. CryptoBanter pointed out that miners are offloading significant amounts of Bitcoin, exacerbating the cryptocurrency's vulnerability.

However, there's a glimmer of hope in CryptoBanter's perspective. He doesn't foresee a Bitcoin crash without support. The critical support area he keeps a watchful eye on hovers around the $20,000 mark, coinciding with the high block capital liquidation range.

"Everything starts to change significantly if that breaks, and we have to look for that pre-halving dump theory to come into action," he admitted. "For now, the trend is still intact. If there's a higher low that holds, then you're looking for the next push up to mount towards that 29k level, which is again going to be major resistance."

While the immediate future remains a subject of caution, CryptoBanter's long-term optimism shines through. Drawing on historical price cycle data, he anticipates Bitcoin smashing its all-time high of around $69,000 somewhere between September 2024 and March 2025. In the unpredictable realm of cryptocurrencies, one thing is certain: Bitcoin's journey is far from over, and the Federal Reserve's decisions might just be the push it needs, or the obstacle it must overcome, on its path to $20,000 and beyond.

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