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Bitcoin's Bullish Evolution: Analyzing Market Shifts

Martin Walker
Sep 7, 2023 at 11:51 am

Bitcoin's BTC, the world's leading cryptocurrency, appears to be undergoing a transformation in its bullish trajectory as its ticker registers a decline to $25,706. This decline, while not necessarily catastrophic, has raised concerns among analysts and market observers, who are closely monitoring the evolving landscape.

In a recent analysis posted on September 6th, Keith Alan, a co-founder of the monitoring resource Material Indicators, has alerted the crypto community to noteworthy shifts taking place within the Binance order book. These shifts, he suggests, warrant careful consideration in the ever-fluctuating world of cryptocurrency.

Analyst: Neither Bitcoin bulls nor bears exhibit significant "power" or "strength."

The price of BTC has, for the time being, remained ensconced within a relatively narrow range since the weekend. However, beneath the surface, exchange data is hinting at the potential for imminent change. Alan's publication offers a snapshot of the BTC/USD order book on Binance, and his findings raise eyebrows due to the significant modifications in liquidity.

On the day, bid support has taken a step down, gravitating towards the $24,600 mark. Notably, this price level hasn't been witnessed on spot markets since the bygone days of March. What's most disconcerting here is that the most substantial concentrations of BTC bid liquidity have shifted beneath the previously established Lower Low within this range, as articulated in a supplementary commentary.

It's worth recalling that BTC/USD touched its lowest point post-March in mid-June, dipping to $24,750 before staging a resilient recovery, as corroborated by data from TradingView. Alan envisions a similar resurgence from current spot levels before any looming downturn materializes.

Weekly chart for the BTC/USD pair, as sourced from TradingView.Weekly chart for the BTC/USD pair, as sourced from TradingView.  

Adopting a macro perspective, Alan anticipates an eventual breakdown in price. However, he initially expected to witness a more robust short-term rally within this range before such an eventuality. At this juncture, neither the bullish camp nor the bearish faction seems to have mustered any significant dominance. Rather than a conspicuous surge in bearish momentum, the prevailing move is interpreted as a gradual fading of bullish momentum and sentiment.

Data from the BTC/USD order book on Binance, provided by Keith Alan/XData from the BTC/USD order book on Binance, provided by Keith Alan/X  

Nevertheless, Alan remains cautious and skeptical, doubting the resilience of the existing buy walls. He has previously emphasized the pivotal importance of $24,750 as the threshold for the bullish cohort to staunchly defend, preserving the broader upward trajectory of Bitcoin's price.

"Bitcoin is gearing up for another significant price shift"

Beyond Alan's analysis, other market participants are also sounding the alarms about the prospect of heightened volatility on the horizon. They point to the lively activity witnessed in the derivatives markets, further fueling speculation that a renewed bout of turbulence may be imminent.

Meanwhile, Credible Crypto, a trader known for his relatively optimistic outlook on BTC's price prospects, expresses hope that any downward movement will be confined within the high $24,000 range. He notes that the local low on major liquid and spot exchanges currently stands at 25.2k. His desire is to witness these lows surpassed while still maintaining the more pivotal higher timeframe low at 24.8k, which he considers of greater significance. This, he believes, could set the stage for a potential rebound, filling the inefficiencies that lie above in the supply.

Annotated chart for the BTC/USD pair, sourced from CredibleCrypto/XAnnotated chart for the BTC/USD pair, sourced from CredibleCrypto/X  

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