BarnBridge Braces for Regulatory Action: SEC Fines Loom

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Oct 13, 2023 at 09:52 am

BarnBridge, a decentralized autonomous organization in the crypto lending and stablecoin space, finds itself in a legal tangle with U.S. securities regulators, potentially resulting in fines. Their response to this situation takes an unconventional turn: a vote by token holders.

The DeFi protocol has initiated a voting process to empower its founders, Tyler Ward and Troy Murray, to take necessary steps to comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission's directives, which may involve disgorgement of funds.

BarnBridge initially aimed to develop fixed-income products catering to astute crypto investors on-chain. However, their progress was halted in July upon revealing that the project was under scrutiny by the SEC.

Although it remains uncertain which specific law the project might have violated, the SEC's involvement suggests that BarnBridge may have been offering some form of securities product to U.S. investors, at least from the perspective of U.S. authorities. The current DAO vote indicates the founders' intent to adhere to the regulators' instructions, potentially leading to the project's cessation.

The proposal also outlines provisions for the liquidation of the treasury, enabling Ward and Murray to distribute the tokens, although it doesn't specify the recipients. Public data on two wallets reveals that BarnBridge's treasury holds over $200,000 in various cryptocurrencies, some of which is allocated for legal expenses according to the proposal.

While BarnBridge isn't the pioneer in the realm of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) facing SEC intervention, it might be the first to seek consent from its community to navigate through this challenge.

However, it's worth noting that the vote is currently a mere formality. At the time of this report, only one vote was cast: "BarnBridge.eth," which is a wallet associated with the team. BarnBridge's legal representative and the SEC have not provided immediate comments on the matter.

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